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News i want a new vantage to this protest on coal what is social media video captured people being arrested last week after they claim to be peacefully standing their ground on sacred hall wire lands but now hawaii police are releasing footage of their own and it gives a very different point of view the straight from the officers body cameras or ashley now go joins us with video ashley thanks guy and concerns about with cameras are still being debated statewide but on co what in chief darrell perry says his officers body cameras are from proving valuable in dealing with allegations of misconduct like they face after the whiny her arrest jess in my opinion harassing a tag amazing the officers coming egging dimond to do something cool police chief darrell perry says body camera video like this has played a major role in prior completes against police clearing several officers of allegations of overbearing conduct or excessive force the understand right now that it also protects the public and the record of information also protects them i guess false allegations the department says the bodycam video released exclusively to hawaii news now shows officers giving several verbal warnings before ordering arrests the demonstrators posted video like this all these these showed police misconduct the chief says the department's video shows his men handled themselves professionally they're putting a camera in our face now them to stand up we're filming them to while caught is currently the only department outfitting most officers with the devices proposals requiring the use of police body cameras statewide can't seem to make it out of the legislature advocates of cameras see the biggest challenge is figuring out how to better hold police accountable without violating someone's right to privacy later whole into someone's home and of course the expedition person their home or maybe in situations where they're interviewing witnesses and their concerns about expose the person's retaliation we reached out to several of the demonstrators for comment but have not heard back yet molly and big island police have tested body cameras on officers but there has been no implant implementation yet the on a little police department says it's helping to launch its pilot program by the end of the year ashley inaugu wh what is now ashley face.

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