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We'll tell you what's hot around major league baseball of course get you caught up and everything happening with the amazing here and much much more before we get you out to build park for the pregame show coming up at three thirty but the mets a night ago one of those real tough losses that sticks with you for a while and it started off in a a positive way mostly noah syndergaard was okay three runs allowed in six innings but the mets able to come from behind score run the ninth inning with two out a rally that started to out nobody on michael conforto walked devon mas rocco worked to walk and then jose batista pinch hitting with his first real big contribution is men rbi single to tie the game mets had an at bat with the basis loaded that inning but amid rozario grounded out so two extras they went and in the bottom of the tenth inning robert casselman gave up a one out single to eric so guard was able to get another out there jerry blevins came in gave up a base knocked christian yelich and it's not been a strong year for jerry blevins this far out of the pen and then in came aj romo's with two men on to out trying to get the game further into extras ramaphosa four pitch walk to pinch hitter airman perez all the pressure on the righty rama's behind the back now ready setting looking and firing three in one four game over behind ms allocco a pitch in the dirt zolghard stolz walk off walk in milwaukee dude aj ramos has had problems all season just throwing strikes in it had seemingly gotten better in recent weeks but you look overall fourteen walks in nineteen innings pitched for aj rama's this season and last night not only did he walk back to back batters to lose the game he did it on nine pitches the only one strike nine pitches that he threw it was not a good scene for the.

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