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And that is what's going to happen here. The market will rule, and you can't just take care of debt by more debt, and it's a debt system that is looking bad. So I have no easy answer. I have to I still believe that I I'm not going to invest in in stocks. I like real estate I do have rentals in rows. I've worked out because most most people don't realize about how young people can't even afford these houses, and that's one of. The reason people with jobs in California living in the street, the average income for low income people in San Francisco run one hundred seventeen thousand in your low income, I wish I had more time to talk to you. But I want people who go to your website. The Ron Paul institute for peace and prosperity. Is that the best way to get information? That's right. And also, Ron Paul. Liberty report is my daily program. How wonderful run we welcome you on money matters. And I look forward to our next conversation. Thank you. You're very welcome. I enjoy having the opportunity to talk to a libertarian to talk to a man ran for president. And to bring some information to you. And when I speak to Ron Paul comes from a different perspective, obviously he would not put any money in the stock market. What I've found faulty about. That is the stock market is broken into segments. Would I put money in dividend paying stocks as opposed the bonds? You bet you Bibi as the expression goes, I would not put money in bonds. There's no upside. And as you heard he feels rates will go higher, and if you have ten year bonds, you're gonna lose ten percent of your principal. If interest rates go up one percent ratio, a seesaw if interest rates go up one percent. It is expected. You will lose ten percent of the value of a ten year bond dividend stocks, and we have such a program that raise their dividends every year to me are a lot more attractive. I hope you agree. And if you want information on our dividend paying portfolios, I won't give you the names, obviously..

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