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Trust in that pair if tita is healthy. The big thing is is Thai Thai Washington. I know I think I saw you tweet this morning, should they shut them down? And let them just, was that you the tweet of that? No, but no, but somebody else did. Some other really good insider that I follow. Probably. A better insider. Probably. And he's not better and I'm shocked to follow him. I am too, honestly. Yeah, no, I think the health is the question, but those two guys, Kentucky has been awesome this year. They are, they are built to win at a high level across the board. All those dudes. But yes, I would give them, I agree with you. I do them and I. Who else can anybody else? Kennedy Chandler. 6 and a half. Really? Well, that's so inconsistent for me. Yeah, he is up and down. All right, who do you think I missed? Isaiah Stevens, Colorado state. You'd be the only name I put on there. I like him a lot. I know you haven't seen him. I'm talking about I'm talking about teams that have a chance. Guys, that's fair. That's fair. I don't think Tennessee's got a chance, but that's no no, I guess. I haven't seen him play. So I think we've both come to the conclusion. We take a lesbian number one, would you give Gillespie a ten? No, I don't think anybody is deserving of a ten on that list. Okay, I'm just I'm doing it by saying the highest ranks correct. Right. Yeah, on scale. Gillespie would be the number one ranking in my power rankings with, I think, severe Wheeler and Thai Thai, number two, I like Tiger Campbell. I would have him three nem hard four Frasier 5 can just sit. Yeah, I probably go Gillespie Wheeler than a Ken Joe, then Trent curbelo, then them harder than Tiger, then Isaiah Stevens. The fact that kerbela was even named with these cats is pretty squashed. I'm not giving up. I'm not ready to give up. Which take of yours is worse. Marilyn bench for this point. A lot of avalanche. I mean, they really miss your boy. Is it James? James Graham. Everything would have been different. I mean, charge might still be there. They could be. For anybody that wants James Graham, he is in the portal waiting room. He is a committed anywhere? No, he's waiting. The suitors are coming. Waiting for what? The suitors are coming. He should get you as his agent. You would have him somewhere really good. Really, really good. I'm gonna see if I can get him to Purdue next year. Okay. See what we can do. All right. All right, you have a game, your first conjecture game in person ever and no, no, no, and like four years. I did BYU get zag at the kennel. Sweet. We place. Kennel is great. Yeah, yeah, it's a good spot. So this is my first game of theirs since then. So they've been flying under the radar. I mean, I saw him back when they beat Texas and absolutely smother Texas. Chet was not great in that game. Get two points in that game? Yeah, he just didn't do anything. I mean, he honestly he was like, just another player out there and, you know, we saw him kind of start to get a little better through the non conference schedule, but he has been absolutely dominant in league play. Now a lot of people will say, well, yeah, it's pepper time. It's Portland. It's specific..

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