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To the bruins beat on CL and S media my name is Evan Marino. I hope you guys are having a great day. The great week enjoying June, the Celtics and the NBA Finals, all that fun stuff, but there are real big bruins topics to cover. And in this episode, we covered both of these things. And it really comes down to two big questions to Connor and I tackled. Who should be the next head coach? That's a pretty big question. Don't you think? Who the next head coach should be? Fairly big. And then from that, what should they do this off season? What is the direction? We talked a lot about this last week. They don't have a direction. Well, what should the direction should be? What should the direction be? So Connor and I discussed that a lot in this episode. And remember, Brunei is always sponsored by our good friends over at bet online and without further ado, here's my conversation. With Connor Ryan. And.

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