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Weekday mornings at 6 is bob sera time. It also may be breakfast time or yoga time, but definitely listening time. Welcome back to the Jimbo had a show with our guest former Texas senator Phil Graham and with gill who listens in Manila, the Philippines. Good evening girl. Yes, good evening. Jim and senator Graham. I lived in El Paso before I came here. And on several occasions, our past cross, I was working ballot security for the Republican Party in El Paso. I worked for a guy by the name of ten Carr, and I know you remember him, he was nominated to be a first circuit associate judge but because of Bill Clinton's election, he was not approved in the Senate. But anyhow, when I came here, I was working in recruitment, hitting teachers and healthcare professionals starting back in 2001. And there was a phenomenon. This is the loophole for 8 families with dependent children, but I came upon. I had teachers working in junior high in Austin and the poor young girls in grade 7 and 8 during vacations were very, very hard to get pregnant because that's a loophole in age to families with dependent children if you're a minor, they can't deny you any type of welfare payment. And you're talking about AFDC and I just thought I would bring that up. Thank you. I thought senator. Well, we have tightened up on that somewhat beyond a certain point you can't get more money for having more children. But there's no doubt about the fact, Gil, that we have set up a system where we reward people for not working and in many cases we reward people for actions that are in their benefit and aren't in the nation's benefit. Pat moynihan, a Democrat colleague of mine from New York. Pointed out how the welfare system was having an effect on the nation's morals having an effect on family formation now all those things are almost politically incorrect. The talk about today, but the point is when you give people benefits without them having to work, you change their behavior, you change their lives, and you change the economy. And again, I think this is very destructive policy. And I think the data shows it very, very clearly. Yeah. Here's Jim in Marysville, Washington. Yeah, I have a question for the senator. First of all, I was told that the NFL on the ball player of football baseball players are all exempt from taxes, but personal income taxes. No, no, no, no. You think you're a hotshot. You think you're a hot shot player in the NFL and you don't pay income taxes. Is that what you think, Jim? I was told. Well, no, no, they may have found some creative accounting tricks to pay less than they might otherwise pay, but senator Graham tell her what to trust me on this. Tom Brady pays taxes. Senator? No, that's right. That's right. And they pay a lot of taxes. If they make a lot of income. Yeah, there you go. More to come back in a moment. Add paid

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