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It's not an accident that around the hemisphere people now, call the country Cuba's Walea because the Cubans are so much part of the Madurai over Jayme report suggests that in tonight's address, President Trump is gonna discuss Cuba and suggests the regime in power there is sort of the power behind president Madero. What about you? Do you see the same connections? Cuba, east in Venezuela. Cuba is taking the station in Minnesota joining with model, and we need to live, right? Venezuela known from the turtle ship of moldable also from the Cuban regime. I mean, no doubt that Cubans are in Venezuela and supporting Madero, but I mean, hasn't it been corruption and mismanagement at the center of Venezuela's crisis is pointing the finger at Cuba, really missing the point at think would be a both. I mean at the end of the day, the people are with us on. Also, we want that the military force will back the new president of Venezuela. The interim president of Venezuela. I'm curious Carlos Vecchio. Do you have friends or relatives who support Madero I had just few? But I used to have many family members, you know, close to the Kevi smoking put in some way, but not anymore when you have conversations with them. I mean, how do those conversations go? I mean, how heated do they get or are you able to reason with one another just like went to? The relationship with them. We don't discuss about politics on. Okay, cayenne. And I think, you know, they realized that the situation cannot continue cities in Venezuela twenty three days before nobody knew in our contra who was why though are now he's the most popular person immense. Royal Carlos Vecchio Venezuela's new embassador to the United States being with us from Washington. Thank you very much. Thank you on US. College campuses about a third of international students are Chinese. So last month an incident at Duke University reverberated widely a graduate program director sent a memo to Chinese students. The director said some of them had been heard speaking Chinese loudly, and she warned that some professors wouldn't want these students as interns, so she advise them to speak English, quote, a hundred percent of the time the memo blew up online, and drew a lot of attention and scorn the program director down Duca ministrations, apologize and said the situation was being reviewed. The Chinese foreign ministry also took notice a spokesman said that the memo might not have been appropriate as the world's Rupa Shenoy reports. US universities may have reason to worry about repercussions from the incident for Chinese families, sending a student to the US is costly Alexandra should didn't wanna do it her mom mater. She thought it was the only way show would get a job. So we thought about it. And I lost show became part of a major phenomena and US higher education over the last decade, the number of Chinese students studying in the US more than tripled. Sure started at Boston University in two twenty twelve studying.

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