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The means and experience in the exercise of doing good on a large scale. The hand of the good fed at ego. He had made a choice of six priests. Who's ready and persevering charity was united with and ministered to by a robust constitution. These he divided into pairs and scientists each a third part of the city to harambee late followed by porters ladened with various kinds of food together with other more effective and more speedy restoratives and clothing every morning. These three pairs disperse themselves through the streets. In different directions approached those whom they found stretched upon the ground and administered to each the assistant. He was capable of receiving some in the of death and no longer able to partake of nourishment received at their hands. The last su course and the constellations of religion to those whom food might still benefit. They dispense soup eggs bread or wine while two others exhausted. By longer abstinence they offered jellison stronger. Winds reviving them. I if need where with cardinals and powerful acids at the same time they distributed garments to those who are most indians corey asli and miserably clothed. Nor did there is sistance and here. It was the good bishops. Wish that at least where it could be. Extended efficacious and more permanent relief should be administered. Those poor creatures who felt sufficiently strengthened by the first remedies to stand up and walk were also provided by the same kindly ministry with a little money that returning need and the fair further sukor might not bring them again immediately. Entered their first condition for the rest. They sought shelter and maintenance in some of the neighboring houses those among the inhabitants. Who were well off in the world afforded hospitality out of charity and on the recommendation of the cardinal and where there was the will without the means the press requested that the poor creature might be received a border agreed upon the terms and immediately deep red part of the expense they then gave notice of those who were thus lodge to the parish. Priests that they might go to see them and they themselves would also return to visit them. It is unnecessary to say that. Federico did not confine his care to this extremity of suffering norway till the evil had reached its height before exerting himself his ardent and versatile charity must feel all be employed and all hastened where it could not anticipate and take so to say as many forms as there were varieties of need in fact by bringing together all his means saving with still more rigorous economy and applying sums destined to other purposes of charity now. Alas rendered a secondary importance he had tried every method of making money to be expended entirely in italy beating poverty. He made large purchases of corn which he dispatched to the most indigent parts of his diocese..

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