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Anything. I forget what skilling said, Mary, you probably know north facing or whatever they're all our street signs are covered. There were so many traffic signals out yesterday. I could not name them all. To try speaking. This all worse, we have these LED lights, and so they don't get warm. So there's nothing. Yeah. That must be what it is. Because I noticed this as well to snow covering some some stop lights on Wacker and areas that I have gone in my commute for years that that have never had this problem that now they're covered. You don't know if it's red or if it's not out whatever it might be so interesting about the LED lights will continue to monitor that next. Trump says he's he's among those who have very high levels of intelligence, but are not believers in climate change. So the president the United States is essentially coming out and saying that he does not believe in climate change. And that's something that as we see the assessment the climate change assessment that came from his office that was. I can't believe in this day and age we let this happen because the climate change change assessment, which showed some drastic and dire consequences to human made climate change was released on black Friday. And if you are like me, you're not paying attention to the news on black Friday. Right. You're out shopping. You might be watching sports. You are. Right. I'm just surprised that that we allow that to happen. And I know that there's that's that's the manipulation of the news. And what the White House likes the door any any news organization or any agency likes to do to the news. They don't want it. But this is something so important to human beings, not just Americans, but the, but we live on this planet and to bury it on a on a day that they know no one to look at it because politically it's inconvenient. Well in believing believing in it or not believing is not a sign of intelligence or lack of intelligence. It's just not they're not related, really. I have an idea to for the all those people who don't believe that this is happening. They should be at the back of the line. We're all getting on the arc. There you go. Republicans in the Senate re really increase their majority. Senators Cindy, Hyde Smith Mississippi. Apologized for making the reference to public hanging. She want her special runoff election yesterday, she defeated democrat candidate, Mike Espy who hope to become the state's first black Senator since reconstruction. This gives Republicans fifty three seats in the Senate a net increase of two Democrats have four forty seven the president in his. A number of rallies in Mississippi to support the Senator Cindy, Hyde Smith said at one point two to the crowd, Mike Espy he doesn't fit in Mississippi. He doesn't fit in. And and that's the question. I know that people really come on. Everything about race. But being an African-American is running the Mississippi and having a presidency he doesn't fit in with Mississippi seems to be a a strange thing here in two thousand eighteen cities had a transportation. Rebecca's Sheinfeld has promised the part of the long way to navy pier. Flyover will be finished an open for bikes and pedestrians before Christmas. You know when a pedestrian wants to take a stroll. Zero degree weather at navy pier. This is the flyover that has been over right by navy Pearson's. I mean, they've been on this construction for over a year. I'd Stephen, and this is something that maybe two years at this point. I drive by this every day. And it looks like it's done. It looked like it was done several months ago. I'm not sure why they waited so long to have the grand opening. I don't know. But the mayor's in this article the mayor he said they were he was to his frustration. He's really frustrated. And then she said, it's not just getting done thing. It also was a financial thing. So I don't know how they started. It not knowing how it's going to be funded altogether. But I don't know the it's very. Yeah. If anyone's not familiar with the city, the bike path kind of breaks up right around navy pier. And there have been a lot of issues with pedestrians and bikes sharing space, and there's a lot of it got dangerous activity. There's a lot of trouble with accidents things like that. So they created a fly over to go across navy pier. That kind of for the bikes essentially to to fly past that not have to stop and go straight. I don't I don't understand what's going on with construction that's down period because I've never seen it this late. I've never seen it this extensive the numbers a complete mess. So everything else is a complete mess. So let's go to Maryanne is Mary explain all of it in thirty seconds. Well, I don't I don't know. I mean, I I saw the overnight roadwork on on congress as well. I think that they have to work year round because there's so much. It's never been this late. It's never been this later this extensive this close to the city. I think that's what I'm talking like November December. I mean, there's limited work that can be done obviously between November and March. Anyway, a lot of stuff overhead and I think that's what they're doing on the Jane burn interchange. Stuff all the poaching. The Jane Burnham, the Kennedy right before it turns into the Ryan you've got that new were preparing to put a road in thing configuration goes across. Well, it looks like it looks like a new road in a new bridge over the Kennedy at that spot. So what is that? Yeah. It's it's a little odd. I mean, it's going to still be like a circular type of thing. But it's just going to be more extensive into the city from different areas that an dot project is that a state the the only issue I have and I'd let next on the mayor comes in and ask him about this. When you drive the Kennedy, right when you're just right? Downtown the construction is so massive and all the bridges are out. And there's construction rubble everywhere and the taggers have gotten to it. So there's tag graffiti everywhere. You gotta work. It looks like a zombie apocalypse when you come into the city from that angle. It looks like oh my God. But they say about Chicago is true. Look, I'll run down. It is. Eyesore from Ohio. Yeah. Kennedy at the Ohio exit on the Kennedy to the Jane burn interchange. Look to the Ike out looks like a third world country. The whole thing's surprised because this is such a major thoroughfare for the entire country that that the mayor of the city Chicago would let that happen to be the face of what you see if you're driving from. To to New York you'd like uh, Chicago. It's not pretty no, no. Is a very I think it's a very interesting anyway. All right. All right, go cats coach Fitz big ten coach of the year. How about you? Dave will pick that up in sports and finally. Thank you. And finally. Thoughtful lettuce was better, but McDonald's still isn't serving salads. What's happening? I don't know how many of us are going to go to McDonald's for a salad to begin with. But I thought Steve disappointed that he can't get a salad now at McDonald's when he goes and gets his bench fries. I actually top sixty six. Sponsored by American weather makers, heating and cooling, sixty minutes. Coming up at six thirty developing tragedy in Indiana this morning, six people including four children have been killed in a house. Fire in Logan's port, Indiana. That's about one hundred miles southeast of Chicago. We'll have an update on the story coming up at six thirty from the WGN newsroom, and we still have reports of some fallen power cables in the long grove area half day road.

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