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Talk about this really long, exhaustive and exhausting article. The New York Times did on the rate of bankruptcies among older people, which is skyrocketing. Shocking stuff, and they covered so much data. But to me left out such an obvious angle. So state troubling. So speaking troubling back to this Snapchat, Dismore fiesta, according to a JAMA article journal of American Medical Association. I think it's form of body Dismore disorder. The conditions a mental disorder that causes people. And I quote to be extremely preoccupied with the perceived flaw appearance that to others can't be seen or appears minor. That's not my problem. People said would say to me all the time g gotta read knows right? And then they get into this. Today's, you know, lots of people who say, you know, I'm always worried about my thick neck or whatever as they say, what are you talking about today's generation can't escape the Truman effect because from birth. They're born into an age of social platforms where their feelings of self worth can be based purely on the number of likes and followers that they have which is sick. Yeah. Sickening. Yeah. And it used to be only celebrities with a highly technical capabilities and people working for them could produce flawless envy inducing photos. But now that a lot of people are your friends classmates and family members, people are becoming more and more obsessed. You know, I I I've not done that. But like I admitted because I'm honest only because I don't know how if I if I if I had to happen new how to do it. I probably would have probably better off not starting down that road. 'cause I can see how you'd start down that road and little by little end up some place that you would think is weird. Yeah. Blaine once you start doing it on pictures. They'd have to keep it up. Right. Because then it'd be such a jarring difference. Trump or or you, you know, you're you're at a certain weight gain some weight. Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna have. I'm going to shave off because I'll be back to my old. Wait, you know, and a year goes.

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