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Yankees getting off to a fast start taste wave sad the port to run shot from aaron hicks plenty of offense the goal on the yes network aaron hicks two home runs dealt the yankees get to five hundred on the season at seventy seven new york in eight six winner detroit aaron hicks with the yes network after the win at one time did you realize he could still make it home i love got pretty well but as far as really deep and just realize advocate yawn huge smile on your face as you slid into home have you ever done that at any level you also get the win aaron eggs the first yankee with a multi homer game that includes an inside the park or since hank bauer back in nineteen fiftysix giancarlo stanton struggles continue he went over five with to strike apps the other new york team mets has been the talk of the baseball to start the season bets facing the brewers on friday night two hours socked again deep this time to let go again the whole ron john frazier up comes e apple and it took three pitches limits to regain the lead seven ten w or the call the mets go to eleven and one the edge the brewers six to five at city field events firstteam team distort eleven to one since the two thousand thirteen braves cardinals and reds in cincinnati the pitch swing and a base to left center field that scores carpenter here's zona arizona the throw cut off and backed up first base yada air molina with to rbi single the cardinals have put up four runs in the sixth inning delete five cardinals radio cardinals over the reds five to three and straight ahead on sportscenter allnight can we see if you're returned to the knicks that story and more straight ahead this is espn radio.

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