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Shout factory's on the app on on roku amazon on apple tv etc you can't miss it Yeah always good to to geek out with pat oswald. We talked about those movies but we also talk of course about his comfort movie. His selection was a bit surprising to me but a cool one. We're talking the classic who done it. We'll get to that in a bit. We also of course talk some star wars. We reassess we got his take on on the rise of skywalker which i was curious about. he's a fan of mandalorian. Surprise there Yeah we touch no article stuff so this was. This was long in the making long overdue. But i'm glad it happened. Patti oswald the main event on happy sad confused today It's a and speaking of today's day. If you're listening to this on the day we drop it. It's election day guys. It's i don't know if you listen to this week's in the future years in the future months in the future. I don't know what this introduction will sound like. Was this the beginning of a new wonderful era in the united states. Where we right. The wrongs of the last four years or was this day when we sank further into the malays. the misery. that's talia -tarian ism of crazy man. That is donald trump. I'm hoping it's the former if you're listening to this on election day and you have not voted yet get out there and vote. Look out for your fellow citizens. Every vote counts skies. If you get online be prepared to wait. Wait it out. Some of the ones might be long And and just keep a level head today and yes in the days to come we might not know the results for For a little while and that is okay. We want every vote to be counted okay. That's the way it's been. It's so happens because of the pandemic take longer this year. And that is all right Other things the mention besides our teetering democracy No new episodes. Stir crazy this week. We took the week off because of the election. But that doesn't mean you can't check out all the Old episodes of stir crazy. We've done for comedy central. We've done something like thirty of them by now. I think which is crazy to me There's some really great ones. If you want to dig up the the will ferrell won all the way back to the beginning. We'll our nets. There are people we talked to. That didn't have the first name will by the way And some really cool guests to come. I will mention i usually. I don't like the jinx it but we've already tape on next week's episode of stir. Crazy is with one of my favorites zachary quinto and he brought his game. Superfund episode of stir crazy next week on comedy central's youtube and facebook pages also got a chance to talk to a bunch of cool folks for mtv. Recently my interview. With emma roberts is up talking about her new net flicks movie holiday. I talked to jack dylan. Grazer about we are who we are his. Hbo series yeah. Keep it busy guys. Trying to stay sane in an in sane year of because they're safe and healthy hope. You're wearing masks and keeping your distance from folks and just being smart and healthy because that's the most important thing to keep a level head in these crazy times All right. here's a little distraction for you guys As i said a forty five minute chat with the great and oswald you can check out. His movie marathons factory. Tv dot com and his myriad of projects. He's working filed patent on on twitter and instagram. He is a good follow. And a good conversationalist as evidenced by this chat with the one and only..

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