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Eighty years old he became an Eagle Scout a bald eagle scouts as a matter of fact his final merit badge he got for building a tent it was an oxygen tent is still whole I know what to say Hey listen it's not a good day it's it is best the westbound side just west of the parkway in east orange and we've got a reported collision there and this is in a construction zone they're doing some emergency work on the park when you start to waiting he meant to say between eight to twelve eleven so once again two eighty west jam just past the parkway reported accident in the construction zone of the New Jersey Turnpike getting very busy north central plains approaching fourteen very slow in Newark north bound up to the eastern and western spur split this number three slowing to see caucus you've got some road work there just past Paterson plank road that's going to be with us and on the south lawn garden state parkway with a collision in his lan just before one thirty one two right lanes are blocked you've also got farther down the line locally construction from one fourteen to one nine in north bound the express lanes are jammed in she's quick park and that is all because of construction southbound turn by glazing to form along with real working across the GW Lincoln Holland not too bad this report is sponsored by mothers against drunk driving drunk driving is one hundred percent preventable one hundred percent of the time helping create a future of no more victims of man dot org RG traffic every fifteen minutes mixture for ten thirty three a New Jersey one a one point five New Jersey driving is made possible by these CHRO big news bill of four does not DC age four to beat down just a few doors down at sixty seven route thirty six west during the construction and open for business still the same friendly staff but you know and trust in a new state of the art facility stop by your visit DC age forty beaten down dot com join the Jersey price team had made his discount tire and warned tomorrow at eleven AM.

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