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Many people last night summer corrupt former Republican members of Congress summer tied to the Russia enquiry. We have details on morning edition from NPR news. Over 19 has become the leading cause of death in Latin America. I'm David Greene and I'm no well King. Why is Israel having its fourth national election in two years? Correspondent Daniel Estrin joins us from Jerusalem. California's hospital system is in crisis. The number of patients with coronavirus just keeps growing in some parts of the state. There aren't any ICU beds available. What options do doctors have? It's Wednesday, December 23rd Finn Wolf Heart, The kid Mike from stranger things now. Kid anymore. He turns 18 today, and the news is next. Live from NPR news. I'm nor Rahm President Trump is suggesting he may not sign the pandemic relief bill passed by Congress after months of negotiation. In a video released on Twitter last night, the president said the $600 direct payment to most Americans is too small. It should be 2000. NPR's Alyosha Roscoe reports. He has other complaints as well, He says the package addresses more than the Corona virus. But it was tied to a spending bill, which funds a federal government. So there is, of course, a lot in there on this is something that his team actually asked for. But Trump gives a long list of things he doesn't like in it. Including money appropriated from museums and Brian Mental programs and foreign aid. Hey, also cause out, you know funding for the Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian, Um it etcetera. NPR's Aisha Roscoe. California could soon surpass a bleak milestone. Two million recorded cases of the Corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic. Healthcare facilities are approaching the breaking point. Kevin Starke from member station KQED reports. California's coronavirus curve on Lee seems headed in one direction, huh? The state broke another record with more than 60,000 newly identified cases on Monday. That's despite most of the state now under the governor's latest regional stay at home order. Grant Colfax is director of San Francisco's Public Health department. The virus is running rampant across state, Southern California now lacked the intensive care unit beds to care for sick people health care providers. Working 24 hours a day are overwhelmed If the surge continues, Colfax says the state could run out of intensive care beds by the end of the month for NPR News. I'm Kevin Starke in San Francisco, France reopened the border with the United Kingdom this morning. But as NPR's Frank Langfitt reports, the more than 2000 truckers stranded near England's port of Dover must have a negative Corona virus test before they can return to the country, England's national health services, setting up mobile testing centers and a former airport, which has turned into a giant parking lot British officials say it will take a few days to administer all the tests. France shut the border over the weekend after Britain announced a variant of the virus would scientists think is much more infectious. Rapidly spread across the southeast of England, at least 40 other countries. They're still banning or restricting travel from the UK, The giant backups of the port of Dover could be a preview of the potential chaos that awaits if the UK fails to agree to a post Brexit free trade deal by the end of this month. Frank Langfitt. NPR NEWS London Negotiations continue on a post Brexit trade deal. The main obstacle to an agreement appears to be the right of European Union countries to fish and waters controlled by the United Kingdom. You're listening to NPR news. Lawmakers in Russia have approved a bill that will allow the authorities to block foreign websites that they deem discriminate against Russian media. MPR's Lucy and Kim reports Russia's lower house of parliament, the Duma passed the law as retaliation against American social media companies that explicitly label content produced by Russian state media outlets. Under the legislation, Russian authorities will be able to block or slow down such sights. Kremlin Critics like opposition leader Alexei Navalny have used Twitter and YouTube to reach millions of Russians bypassing censorship on state television. President Vladimir Putin is called for Russia to come up with its own social media platforms to gain greater control. Another law passed Wednesday. We'll let the government brand Russian citizens as foreign agents if they have ties abroad. Require news outlets to label them that way in their reports. Lucian Kim. NPR NEWS Moscow President Trump issued 15 pardons last night, including for two men sentenced to prison as part of the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. Two former Republican congressman. We're also pardoned for crimes they had pleaded guilty to and had been sentenced to prison. Trump also pardoned for employees of the Blackwater security firm. Convicted in the massacre of unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2007, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has been selected to serve in the U. S. Senate. We'll fill the seat now held by Vice President elect Kamila Harris. I'm nor Rahm NPR news..

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