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He smarter and angles how to go in and he's making those small area plays and he understands like he gets the puck. And he knows what he needs to do with it before he gets it. And Jack Eichel's always like he's like a great white shark flying around everywhere that Sam made to Jack in against the Arizona coyotes. I believe that was yeah. That's saucer pass through the neutral zone jackpot. And then drew the defenseman to Jack and opened up. Jeff Skinner was amazing. But even on the empty net goal like Gerguson blocks the shot. And then the puck is Sam gets the puck. And he does a little bind the back pass to Jack Eichel as somebody's coming to him. It's like he had is behind his head in. I started freaking out. I'm watch. Watching the game. My wife sitting there in the kitchen, I call her over because I'm like, you gotta see this play. You gotta see this play. It's Sam easily could have shot that. But he he knows what he's going to do with the puck before he gets it. He dropped a pass rate on Jack stick Jack pops in that. Everything's great. And I and I show my wife, and she just kinda like look why why did he do that? Do you think? Why why did Sam do it because he's unselfish number one in any? And he probably felt that he had a better chance of getting a point by not forcing it through that defenseman that was in front of him where he made a behind like a drop pass behind him to give Jack a better angle at the shot. I believe he's that smart. And he he computes that type of information that most people can't compute if he if he shoots it and like he doesn't have a really a good shot. And if he misses he's given the puck away the other team, then he retains possession because Jack, maybe doesn't shoot it. Maybe Jack better skating lane. Like, I mean, these guys compute in their minds so fast the right play and Sam if he felt that he had an open shot to that net. He would've taken it believe me like SAM's in his position. How many goals does he out this year five semi Reiner is eight so he has eight goals. You know, normally he would have a lot more. But you know, he he when you have an open net nor- normally goal scores which SAM's goal score would take that shot on net. But he understands. One in Washington. The end of the game. Oh my goodness. They were. Okay. So where we were in Washington me and breaking honor either by the. Holding them up all gift drop. I don't think it was that bad that he missed it. It was kind of unexpected that he got it on his stick. I think he just reacted fast and just shot at twenty heard him yell scream right after he missed the net. So there's a minute left. It's three three. It is right underneath us. Dufferin? I where we're standing and we see the play by Jack. And we're like, ooh, what a pass in San misses a net. And we could hear Sam yell out something on the ice profanity sometimes gets picked up on the microphones or not. But we could hear them like from where we were standing like was. Literally upset with himself knowing that he had the game on his sick. But it happens. And as the way we have a Jimmy on Twitter here. Yes. A good question. I wanna ask you this you guys because you have blocked shots without goalie equipment. And so he says can you guys talk about what it's like for guy likes to go from being a guide to score goals to being a guy that has blocked shot is that hard mentally for a player to switch. So I mean, just for the fact blocking shots having to put that in that mentality in and saying, hey, I'm going to go out and block a fallout slapshot from fifteen feet out. Is there shots where you're there? And you don't have a choice you get in position to block it. Maybe you turn your feet or some guy's position themselves to turn their fee. Jay Mckee was a king added. I know used to block a ton of shots too. But just watching Patty clutter, then that's why I sent out that tweet about it's reminded me a pack Coletta guys that it's just they do not care. What the outcome is going to be no matter what that park is not getting to the net. I don't know how to get to that that mentality. I never I never had. I would never in that position to have to go out and block a huge shot at the end of the game block a huge shot in a penalty kill. But I'll tell you. What man I always thought? That's that's harder than taking a punch because at least a punch you can protect yourself. You know, your that's your option blocking a shot. It's like that's a choice. Reality is you're on the ice. And there's a great picture of it right here. If a zoom up, and you can look at it. And I'll tweet tweet it someone sent it to me. He's base. Folded in half like a pretzel. He turns around he's got his elbow out basically doing anything he can to make sure that park doesn't get. That's insane. It's the it's the greatest tweet that because it is just absolutely incredible. Because listen I most players in the National Hockey League or blocking shots at some point. There's a difference between you know, getting in the shooting lane and guys doing what they have to do like Zambia's Gergen's. That's a mindset and not everybody has the ability to do it. That's why you know in the National Hockey League teams have certain types of penalty killers because they're they're willing to sacrifice their bodies Bergesen. I mean, he should be commended on on on making the attempt the block that shot because I'm gonna tell you right now out of out of the jacks. Beautiful goal. The roof top shelf. You know, who whoever scored goals, I'm going to tell you right now. When those boys walk in that room after the game, they're not. Going over to Jack. And Pat him on the back saying nice nice shot. Top-shelf going over you, Jack. Jack scored is empty netter turned right around and went right to them. And and I could not believe them guess standing on his feet after that. But two things one I think just realized like the year he went to the all star game was a fluke ease not a top line player and worked really hard on his game to summer and had to change the mentality that Ethiopia wants to stay in the league and wants to have a really good career. He's gonna have to do the little things like blocking those type of shots. And and he's doing that too. Ryan Callahan was our captain with the New York Rangers. Why because ran Kellyanne was doing those things. Now Kelly had a bigger role with the team little bit more of an offensive type guys, but he was blocking the shots. And that's why they said we want after Chris Drury Ryan, Kellyanne you're the next captain of the New York Rangers because game after game. We would go up to him in the locker room and be like dude fantastic block way to lay in front of die one way to do this. And that's why you got the beak after or you know, what I've noticed about. I'm guessing I'll say the same for Larson too. I don't they don't strike me as a type of guys that are playing to stay in the league. I think they're playing the state here. I think guys are are starting to see. And I you know, what's funny, I saw rip Simona downstairs, and he promised us. He would come on. He said, he's not dodging us. He's been busy. But even even James at security. I said I bet you guys are walking in a little differently to the rink these days. I bet you the heads aren't aren't their faces aren't looking at their shoes. I said, I bet you guys are saying Hello more. I said, you know, they're not coming in worrying about what kind of fire they're gonna take her heat. They're going to get from the coach or media or whatever things are different. I want you know, guys feel that there's an emotion. To having success. And I mean Rev we're talking about just the guys that are skating on a daily basis. They got music playing you see that. No. Yeah. I was just saying it's more like we we used to go out. And we knew that we were gonna get skated. You know, when like if you may have. Or something like that. And it was not fun. It was it was torture, and they almost wanted to torture you. So you would get back into the lineup quicker and wanna play do you? Remember that? When you got in your terrified to be out again. Well, you know, like I mean, I wasn't in that situation. But I mean, I just felt like when you got injured you wanted to come back so fast because he just didn't want to do the bags skates. Parachutes the lines. I'm watching these guys do it. And Dennis Miller is the guy that runs runs their skates to keep the get these guys back in the lineup. And I'm gonna tell you. I wish I was in today's game in what they do like there was just repetition over and over and over skating shooting passing a few battle drills, but they did it at their pace. And it was just I mean, it's really good stuff. So every single one of these guys that usually comes back in the lineup, and I've said this for like a year or so I've just noticed that the guys that come back in the lineup seemed like they're like in better shape than the guys that are in the lineup. Currently right now there is something dad because you put in so much work to get back in the lineup and use gay that maybe conditioning wise, you're. In better shape. But you still have to get your timing on the ice. But they do so many good drills now, but I remember playing youth Ocoee, and you have a bad year. Like, you're losing games and going to choose the night. Practice is not fun. Like even going to practice is not fun. Now, imagine having to come in is a it's the ten thirty pregame skate this morning, but you're injured you gotta come in and skate at eight thirty, and that's already like I gotta come in so early, but when you're winning, and when you know that you're preparing yourself to come back into this lineup with the success that the lineups having it makes it fun. And makes it that you are doing a purpose. That hun wake went down to Rochester played Wednesday Friday, and then came back to be able to play on on Sunday in Boston, but him going down to Rochester and doing the work. He didn't know that he was gonna play that early. But you know, what there's a Nathan in. Injury. There's this. You know, Casey Nelson injury. There's a Jake McCabe injury. There's a Lawrence pilot injury. Hey, you're being thrown in there. Man. Mike glad I put in the work when I had to because I get a chance to play. And I thought Matt played really really good now that's one game. But in Phil house that changes a little bit because one weaken Guli to lefties, not one of them, really comfortable in the right side. So what he did is. He put Darlene on the right side with Willie wood goalie, and then he put. Hon week with with the golden skaters. Well, just globally. Didn't really all that much. No. He played eleven minutes didn't play all that all that much. But I'm gonna tell you right now that kid skating is is is is is a freak show..

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