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Virginia on eight counts, including tax fraud and Bank fraud, the guilty verdicts pertain to work Manafort did years earlier as a consultant for pro Russia political party in Ukraine. The special counsel has accused Manafort of failing to take responsibility for his crimes witness tampering and lying to federal prosecutors at the White House, Jon decker, Fox News. A casualty from the ice floes at broke free along the Hudson river back in January, the rusty anchor popular floating restaurant and bar and water lead that was damaged during that Friday morning incident has been closed for good reportedly you'll be sent downriver to be scrapped owner the boat had been hoping to repair the bars effort broke away from its moorings. But Kevin shoe felt says the fixes are quote much more than we expected the rusty anchor crashed into the Livingston avenue bridge and some other obstacles rusty anchor was open for Mehta September every year and employed forty five people full and part-time former governor Cuomo top eight joker cocoa will. Now have to report to prison next week today. The second circuit court of appeals denied per Coco's. Bail said he must begin serving his sentence. No later than March fourteenth last month and appeals court ruled he could remain a free, man. Man, while he appeals his conviction, postponing his original surrender date of March the first because sentenced in September two six years after he was found guilty taking more than three hundred thousand dollars in bribes from businesses that wanted to do to do business with New York state. Well, we still got a ways to go before summer. But it looks like Troy is getting ready for mayor. Patrick Madden says the city now formerly seeking bids for renovations to south Troy, swimming pool. He says there is a lot of work to do. There's some crumbling and gaps and cracks in the surfaces. They all need to be fixed needs to be sandblasted down to take all the old paint off. Get a good look at the the integrity of the concrete underneath their patch. That south Troy along with Knickerbocker have been closed for the past two years because of structural and safety issues while bad NASA's fingers crossed that south Troy can reopen this year city officials planning a completely new pool of Knickerbocker, no timetable on that project the house. Set to vote on a resolution condemning hate speech this afternoon. The measure started out as a proposed resolution condemning anti semitism, but was expanded him in disagreements among Democrats original resolution was aimed at recent comments by Minnesota democrat Ilhan, Omar freshman, Muslim lawmaker recently accused pro Israel advocates of pushing quote allegiance to a foreign country. The measure condemns anti semitism at a Muslim discrimination any hateful expressions of bigotry and intolerance toward minorities house and Senate Democrats have introduced a Bill to restore Obama era net neutrality rules last December the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality. This is the principle that internet service providers should give consumers equal access to all legal content and applications without favouring some sources or blocking others the Bill similar one pass last year by the US Senate..

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