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And. A bad aggressive. I'm picking just going out there and doing something bet the New England Patriots wouldn't expect you to make a no huddle offense. Where Ellen just throwing the short little. Passes. Get. Just throwing them way off their game. Well, you might see that Gary. But you know, the other thing is pretty radical. Coach's won't do it coaches. I mean, you you if you pay attention to it. He's he probably do when you listen to us talk and talk about that and talked to coaches like to to them to coach Sean McDermott that is would be offensive. I think anything like that. I think I know it I think I know that that kind of thinking offends him. Because again, it it implies necessarily the bills can't win the game and other way, and we sit here and go, well, we've sat here and watched the New England Patriots beat them thirty two out of the last thirty six times. Maybe you can't beat them. Another way you are a fourteen thirteen point underdog. Like, you probably can't beat them another way. But there's no way he's representing that to to his locker room. Right. Imagine that. So that's the problem. Yeah. If you had, you know, different management, not I don't mean necessarily different than Sean McDermott. But Joe McDermott is. Middle manager in a billion dollar company. He doesn't necessarily have to make all the decisions if he worked for somebody who saw who saw the whole board the way you're talking and the way I like, I like to think I see it. Then. They would change. But then you'd have what you'd have McDermott be like, well what what is this your cutting my legs out. I'm not even really the coach here. And you'd have a a team that might not be desirable. Like, you wouldn't you might have a you. You would have big issues that eventually you would work through. But. We're talking about a lot of things there. I think in a traditional structure coaches a middle manager. I think he runs the football department. I think McDermott's in charge of everything. So if he wanted to play that way like it would be he could do it. I don't think there's anyone that's in a position over there to like say like you should do this. I think he's in charge. I do not say exactly Brandon Beane works for him. But I only Brandon bean is doing stuff at all the trauma Kermit doesn't want done. But but Terry is not telling them anything like this. He doesn't want to be telling him anything. Did you read? Kevin Clark the other day for the ringer. Yes. It did this long piece that Kevin Clarke wrote. Maybe we'll talk to him again soon about changes in football analytics fourth down all the different ways that football is changing foot. It's going to happen. It has started. It will continue the battle is won the nerds one, and it will continue. So all this. You know, you kick and scream some fans have always wanted to kick and scream about this stuff. Go ahead. I mean, it's not gonna matter. And we'll see which end of it all the bills come out in the bills. Have I think always looked like they were no model franchise to say, the very least in this area that to say they do nothing. I know they do I know they consider themselves. Analytics minded, and and that they do pay it some he'd they had a guy here that they brought in to who knows where to run that. There was never any real evidence. Except for like what what do we know about GPS stuff at practices? They track track guys work rates and things like that. And there's probably a lot of that that I've never even heard of before. But on game days. You know, this coach doesn't coach that way. He doesn't he doesn't care about win probability. Couldn't probably couldn't define it for you. He he talked after the Miami game. They lost the Miami game was the final score. Like they lost by four. I think whatever it was close game came out of. Wanted on that touchdown pass that Alan tried to throw the Miami game. The whole game was like one play either way is going to decide that game. And it did and. Decisions he made at the end of the first half. We're all defensive minded decisions. It was too. You're playing to not fall behind by more. You're not playing to score more you're playing to give up less timeouts. He was on our show on Monday. And he described how sometimes so he challenged the member of the game the Miami game tannehill got sacked and he got the ball out across the goal line to the one yard line. The referee called it down at the one no safety McDermott challenged it for a safety. That that made him one in ten in challenges. So why did he do that? And media asked him that. And we asked him that one thing he said was that sometimes you challenge plays to give your team a spark? Now, I'm sorry if that's your if that's your model for challenging plays. The I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say to that you tried to get your team of spark. They just made a sack at the one yard line. How about let's run the next play. They need a spark right now. Did you think he was tackled in the end zone? Did somebody tell you that the person should be out? Whoever told him that was a safety shouldn't work there anymore. Simple. And if he takes it upon himself like let's just make sure it could be two points here. Come on. This kind of stuff is how Kevin Clark can write three thousand words on analytics and the words buffalo and bills never appear. Because there's no reason I think to think that this franchise is like at the front of it now that can change on a dime. You change that by changing people you change that changing attitudes. And you know, you can do that the bills have always tended to be. We don't need to do that. Okay. Well, good luck. Yeah. They did go for it on a fourth and two at the Detroit fourteen on Sunday. And they didn't get it. But the he gave up a an easy field goal there. Because he he explained to me that he was interested. He thought they could get it. They were close to the scoring wanted to get the seven and wanted to see Alan sort of in the spot. Was his explanation for why he chose to do that. And not kick the field goal. And then he made what is probably now thought of as a pretty easy decision. But for him. It was still to me positive that. He didn't kick it away on fourth and inches at the midfield. At the end of the game agree that was up to me that was positive that. He did that some people called me on Monday and were critical with him giving up the field goal on the earlier one. And I was like I'm never going to be mad at him for doing that. Fourth in two thousand thirteen yard line. Like Knoxville and go get a first down or try to store. I don't care, and I was in here. But whatever point he made about Allen. You know, observing him. They're like, what do you feel like that's a pressure situation or something like that? Okay. He has been other pressure situations. But okay. Like, that's not something that's going to be in the in the wind probability math. No. So if that's the thing about spark and all that other stuff too. Like, I don't know that he I think he might shun it. I don't know. Maybe maybe not. But you're right. I mean, the thing about the two in every conversation we've had about it. What happened they got stopped? Did they lose? No. The game. Anyway, you know, there's field position there. I don't know. I'm trying to cram. A lot of points into this one overall point. I've never been confident. I've never had the first clue. The bills franchise was like into that by bringing up these situations from last Sunday, I'm not disputing that. I'm just giving examples here that he did do that on Sunday. But I don't know that he did it. In fact, I'm giving you an example of maybe doing it not for the right reasons. Even right on fourth of do I wanna see Ellen in this spot rather than you know, the the math says this or whatever. See I mean, I'm not I'm not telling you there on the right track in that area. At all, which they might be. I can never tell you for fact that they're that they're not. But everything I hear and see tells me to be to be dubious searches like, it's just I've never seen any real evidence that the bill's going back my whole career that they were, you know, leaders in this area bust analytics department was that New Year's. What what year was that? Well, it's hiring Marrone so thirteen right? Right. Right. And you hired that guy. Just you could've, you know, shaped him your way if that's what you wanted to be about. But it was just lip service. Anyway, thank you. Gary, Mike Chopin the bulldog with picks next..

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