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And bringing you to care what we're seeing with the irs here. It would just crossed three thousand number and the interesting thing. Is you know i worked in the west africa epidemic as well and when that epidemic happen with the twenty eight thousand cases in thought was a black swan event we i had never seen ebola do this and now here we are again. Another outbreak. Were those thousands of cases so how can a disease. That's so hard to transmit men believe it or not it is compared to measles or some of the other diseases. It's not airborne and so why is this happening. You know particularly now in this d._r._c. Outbreak were much better off than we were in west africa. We have a vaccine that we think works. We have now treatments that if you come early to care your mortality with this disease that we've thought is seventy percent or eighty percent in the past can go down to six percent and what do you think the answers to those questions are because most people aren't coming to care was the one one aspect is in this part of the democratic republic of congo and north and south kivu as you know there's a long history of political upheaval and they're about one hundred armed groups operating grading have been operating and so getting access to populations in that setting and doing safely so and having healthcare workers present and ensuring their safety has been difficult the the other is trust. People don't want to come to a community health centre with something that looks like malaria and then be taken away to another unit that they don't recognize. Are there changes going on the ground about how to deal with this current outbreak measles since it started the started in january for measles hundred sixty one thousand thousand people have gotten measles and over three thousand people have died of it in the same area of d._r._c. calls it. Yes and cholera. Laura fifteen thousand people have gotten sick right. Three hundred people have almost three hundred people have died and so look at this from the perspective of someone who is in one of those communities and democratic fred republic congo they're saying why are you so concerned with a bola when we're dying of everything else and so the strategy at thing which i believe a lot of organizations are looking thing to address is one. That's more comprehensive. Is there a moment that really sticks with you. From a recent visit to the gun border i think the moment moment was walking into an ebola treatment unit and finding all these healthcare workers there that have been taken care of suspect cases that have come through the border and just seeing meanness just look of complete both exhaustion but also you know the sense of pride of that. We're doing hard work. That's important that was dr now he'd bedell with boston medical center speaking with my colleague carol hills today the leaders of several south american nations that border the amazon are convening invading their goal find a way to protect the amazon from deforestation after a summer of brutal forest fires..

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