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Many ways to lurk so many ways to keep track of bay. A few tracking apps out there. Few different ways to play detective out there to get the info that you need eight one eight five zero five nine a lot of people have friends that help them create different things, you know, situations. I mean that can get you caught up the soccer Priscilla Priscilla. Good morning. Good morning, April. You helped out a friend. I did. And you guys found out that her man was cheating. Yes. We did. Well. So I told her about actually. Yeah. Yeah. Ford calls and take messages. I thought well, let's phone. See what he's doing? So basically, you get that phone. And you set it up online on Google voice. It's free and. You have to have their phone in your hands where we can enter into close been after that like, for example, she did it when he was sleeping. He had no idea the next morning. That's all his text messages and phone calls were being monitored. And there's no record of it. Right. There's no receive none of that. Right. None of that. 'cause you have your own Google voice account. Anybody phone number on it? You had to hide that somewhere on his phone. No, right. Because you have to have the, oh, you don't know. No, no on that person. So. Somebody out there taking notes Maggio smile to you. Think. Maybe ninety women right now. Absolutely. Are you single? Does. She know you have an apple not no, not Google, boys. But. Where.

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