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To the finals multiple times so he's a very the trainer <hes> but ashes that he teaches us that there's more to pokemon than just fighting and you know it's about the bond and he teaches us how to how he sees a friend of the show he sees his friends who he he needs to go in order to grow and he's okay being like it's okay you go. Oh you grow you do what you have to do and like the pokemon remember that even come back. I mean he lets his first one. Let go and you know you're talking about in a way opposite of most people. I know everyone was like he's an idiot. Yeah that's true people did say that off lack for that oh yeah but even as chartered like his char- got really cocky. His chart discharge was fun because it it really was the show implementing a game mechanic and it's and it's a good opportunity to talk about something that we miss because as you noticed the link cable we talked about it. You can trade pokemon so you might be asking why don't you got a a friend who can just trade you all the best pok mon and it's because you you're pokemon also for some reason respects the authority of the gyms and so your pok mon will only pay attention to you up to a certain level based on the badges you have yeah and there is a added thing because you might be like okay well. Maybe maybe a few levels higher traded pokemon level up way faster than <hes> normally caught poke him on so you are also racing against the caught pokemon on speed so anyway in the anime chart wasn't listening to ash because he wasn't a high enough badge level exactly and he let go he'll go and and then dumb move number two but it wasn't because i got to grow and then charge that was his last evolution matt. Will he experience. You've got to find his own journey to find. You didn't have to be encapsulated in a zoo. You know <hes> maybe it was a social commentary. We'll i'm still catching them. In this world we gotta catch but tara comes back in the show charging back to ash and they kick butt together yeah. They rock came during the elite four right. If i i remember you know i was laughing because sorry i was laughing because i wall. We're talking about peak at you. I just wanted to sum up some of his the things that he's accomplished but one of them he was no. I mean he was listed. I saw that he was listed number eight on the top twenty five mae characters of all time like number eight who's number one a who the heck do you think is number one if he better be go yes you're on out here talking about how ashes dumb and they listed one of the most naive characters time you know we love because he has a big heart wake ash ketchum. It's one thing to be dumb and strong chip thrown away. Poke <unk> goku at least like he's like well about goku is that he never you know. He doesn't and change who he is. You know he's an immigrant and he doesn't change to adapt. He's like me we deal with the. I love that you know i know yeah but also that'd be <hes> if i was who i don't let my nigerian friends call me if he should khuda if yeah just touching on some more things from from p._k. To to he's appeared in the simpsons many times <hes> he's also a macy's thanksgiving day parade early loon since two thousand and one also into pika kansas the mayor rename the town own topeka chew for a day adorable he is known as japan's answer to mickey mouse <hes> <hes> and then <hes> in two thousand and three forbes ranked pitcher as eighth top earning fictional character of the year a year he was also named by time magazine in one thousand nine hundred nine the second best person of the year yeah yeah now movie and now he has a movie movie..

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