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You're right we got district's around areas around the state that will spend twenty five to fifty million dollars on a on a stadium he's right all right it is scott you're on kabc jay hey jeff i've got three options if you are going to spend money just want your opinion one for that kind of money you could probably retrofit all the doors to have you know security dead bolts glass shatterproof from bullets hundred thousand dollars baby a couple of hundred thousand but to if you don't wanna do that what about just putting some retired veterans up their fifty thousand dollars a year you could put you guys at the door aren't guy the guy that got shot at santa fe high school was a retired federation who was working security and he may die yeah he's one guy but you have to it's a lot more challenging i i mean tactical guys man to the other the other thing is we've got two million military members in this country not protecting anything but so let's go ahead and put a couple of those guys maybe stationed them at the school is that we're already paying them that's free i mean how many people three thousand student high school how many people do you want their work insecurity you said to people to people at the school of fifteen hundred both of whom got shot muslims barely alive i mean what's the right number i mean i get your point i don't know the answer what's the right number you just said to to got shot an update on traffic what did they had a ten or fifteen minutes shoot out with the shooter update on traffic the brain we've got solid delays now on all the freeways we've got a wreck over on thirty five southbound service road approaching wells branch parkway it is blocking the left lane we also have a collision reported on one eighty three eighty northbound service road at lake line boulevard and it looks like they have cleared that wreck over on east to.

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