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The patch patchy fired up. They are fired up because the floss is coming out of the ground. Those flannel planning decisions are being made and pretty soon, you know, the the seeds planted, and then it sprayed time, and they have a product that anybody who buys one says while did I make the right decision here. And you know, my favorite part of this is I'm not a farmer a radio guy, but I talked to farmers, and I like farmers one things plumbers t tell me is that you know, when it's money when it's wet it is a bear getting in and out of the field. I can't get with a with a patchy sprayer urine. Well, before your neighbors without an Apache sprayer because of that light footprint, it really is low maintenance great warranty the whole deal. So check them out in mandate on in frontier, which is south Fargo exit sixty across WalMart there and tell them Scott, thanks online to at high plains, Apache dot com. All right fascinating conversation with Kelsey warrant. I'm telling you, Kelsey one is is a rare rare. Breed because there's not many billionaires that the run a company to the to the magnitude of energy transfer partners that want to get on the radio and talk with a guy for half an hour about their business. There's not one they're busy too. There's more downside than upside. Because every single thing you, you say people are, you know, parsing one way or another, and I just love not only his his robust attitude on pipeline infrastructure and talking about that. Because I think that's the only way you win the battle. You've just got to have these conversations and and where folks down on it. But also, the friend has been in North Dakota. You know, I mean, that's pretty rare. Because honestly, they could've you know. Left North Dakota. Not exactly real thrilled with the idea of of of what they ended up enduring through the Dakota Access pipeline. But there remained a friend through that. And it's it's it's pretty cool. I love that story out of flasher. Just love that story. So cool. Okay. So thanks to Kelsey. And thanks to all I guess today. No, forget press conference at university of Mary Ed eleven today. We've spent a fair amount of time in this program talking about one of the signatory refuse in this year's legislative session. And that is the Theodore Roosevelt museum and library project. The project is planned for the entrance to the park named in his honor the only park in the national park system named for a president named for an individual. And so that's pretty cool. And obviously the connection to North Dakota. And teddy Roosevelt also is pretty unique. You know, some people say, well, he's only was only here your and a half. And how I say can you name me the president's spent more time here in North Dakota. Give me some it's been two and a half who spent three how about five, you know. So he's sort of our blown connection to a president number one. Number two. There is a there is a robust interest in. In teddy Roosevelt, nationwide worldwide and North Dakota has an opportunity with this tap into that the legislature is now set aside fifty million dollars it'll leverage one hundred million dollars before it ultimately is expanded meeting. You got one hundred fifty million dollars to go. You have the Roosevelt family, and others that are very much behind it. I wanna talk a little bit about, you know, whether or not. Building. This will actually bring people north gutter because people have been skeptical about that. And I know nobody better to do that. Then the great Joe Wiegand Joe who has he's a little schizophrenic because some days Joe Wigan and some days. He's teddy Roosevelt. He's a little bit of a Jekyll at height. But he's a really good teddy Roosevelt the nation's best. But he's also a good Joe, Joe, how're you doing Scott Hannan. I'm as the president would say fine as toads hair with microscopically, fine. And I am so glad to be with you. I'm often the one who says that my friend clay jenkinson who does Thomas Jefferson Theodore Roosevelt, John Steinbeck, Meriwether Lewis Oppenheimer. I say, my friend clay has multiple personality disorder. Teddy roosevelt. I gotta tell you what I've done for fifteen years. I hope to do them for another fifteen part of my job is to recruit and train. Some other young men and middle aged men to do teddy Roosevelt around the country. That's why we do the gathering of TR's out in Madora. But I'm delighted to be with you. Congratulations to the people of North Dakota to governor Burgum. The members of the state legislature people throughout this state who understand that if we build it. They will come the teddy Roosevelt is mount Rushmore worthy. And when that presidential library and museum gets built tens of thousands of more people are certainly going to be coming to Madeira into Theodore Roosevelt national park bully for the people of North Dakota. Wow. That's that's quite an endorsement, that's amazing. Go back to play. Jan goodson. You're going to add one other label for him. I ran into last night at at dinner, Trump derangement syndrome. I think about North Dakota. This is one of the last places in the country where people who disagreed vehemently can have pleasant and kind conversations can agree to disagree. Theodore Roosevelt loved this. This wonderful combat of ideas, and let the best idea win be a man or a woman in the arena, don't be shy about expressing yourself it as I told the school children around the state around this country. Shame upon us as a people if we allow ourselves to denigrate one another or question one another's integrity, simply because we disagree about policy or disagree about candidates. It's it's it's something that I think the people of North Dakota have risen above. And I think it's something that the one of the many many virtues and values that will be taught at the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum. Well said yeah, I really appreciate that. Because I've always had that relationship with Klay where you could just have a fun conversation and go back and forth and rib each other a little bit and have significant differences. We had a great chat. Last night. It was fun to catch up with him a little bit of my best clay jenkinson and the work being done Claes, very strongly affiliated with the Theodore Roosevelt center at Dickinson state university. They've got their wonderful nationally recognized TR symposium September twelfth through the fourteenth. And by golly. The Madora musical be over by then. So if you still need another fix teddy Roosevelt to DS, UNC, clay jenkinson and Sharon kills her and all the wonderful people that DSU will have some wonderful authors from around the country for that. But I've got to tell you Scott, I travel the country I go all over and tell people about Madora North Dakota is an honor and a blessing to do. So, but I can tell you as I travel the country when I get back into the territory when I can hear AM one thousand flag or five fifty the fire that you got to be on a dozen. You're that you're the Paul Harvey.

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