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But as far as posture and. Jujitsu wise, he kinda handed him that home. Yeah, I'm a philanthropist. I'm not a fucking donating to the Red Cross, and the cage that was a that was a handout, I'm not I'm not I'm not impressed by that not even in the sinus. Mike gave him that the scrambles on the ground were like the least professional scraps of shit. I'd seen in the the nothing about that was like oh an overwhelming performance. I mean, just check it two or three times and you'll start to break down. It's not he's got a tip your hat. He's got a point with that on lock. It was beautiful. I mean cowboy did what you're supposed to do. But he did he did what you're supposed to. Yeah. But, but the you know that was my Perry's bad for sure. Yeah. My president here. You know, you don't wanna fuck interest thought clubbing cow somebody dangerous guards by the neck. And look the punch me in the face. It's not the best right? Jimmy, right taking you're putting your head down. It's true. And you raise you raise in Saint Louis, what kind of neighborhood did you grow up in was it was like a sub ever say Louis area. Fine. Every everybody just takes like, a a home base. For me say Saint Louis is actually I was born in Saint Louis. I'm moving I was three and I grew up in this little town called canton, Georgia and for elementary school, George super white black. And then then I moved to San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas in middle school and all the time. I was like holy shit. That's where all the Brown people when my pay over here. And so I spent majority of my life in Texas. What nationality are you? I'm half Mexican half life. Oh, you are. Okay. So why did you move so much that you dad military parents military? My won't and Lewis Georgia. Parents split when I was three. So I moved over there. And then when my mom died when I was ten I moved over to Texas with my dad, all okay. And then you got involved obviously in mixed martial arts when when you were there, what got you involved in it. I just started wrestling. So my dad Russell through high school, and maybe a little before, but he rests the rice school and me being we come from like a series of short jeans. And so I I grew up playing basketball back home. And then I kinda realized I was just too short and I sucked. And so we thank God. Let me in, you know, more suitable sports. So wrestling was great because also like a terrible lay bloomer probably Peabody details like twenty three and so power pound needs something to my vantage. And so I got into wrestling weighing ninety eight pounds freshman year and just kept at it. And that was probably the most testing terrifying. Years of my life though, like freshman sophomore year of having to getting wrestling and just take on all the qualities of that sport livers, you know, I I grew up wrestling relatively felt like that was my entire life there for about six years, and then ended up not doing it in college and then found found jitsu Moi tie. And then found my head coach I've been listening to the beginning Jason guarantee that'll haunt academy. And and the rest of kinda history just sort of you're sort of picked up for fun wrestling courses like that phenomenal base. I guess you get through an entire immature career and. Part of the way into professional one to badge start scrapping with those guys. And it was kinda like all right? Maybe go in and try amateur bout. There's this TV show and south Texas for amateurs, I did. And then got my first bout did that enough? And then it was like, okay. I mean, we go ahead and do professional someone professional, and then you know, kind of kept on that way. And you've talked to about really like loving TJ dillashaw, we're extra talking TJ and a little while while I mean, he is really one of my favorite guys to watch. What was it about him that kind of resonated? Yeah. So I and I do I do love TJ dillashaw, but I don't blow his dick like core may have me..

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