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Outside the George R Brown convention center Friday with many holding up photos of the victims from the ivaldi school shooting Some of the protesters shouted quote NRA go away and it could be your kids today The NRA is the nation's biggest gun lobby and a major donor to politicians California governor Gavin Newsom is receiving treatment after testing positive for COVID-19 Feel farrar has the latest Governor Newsom says he's isolating working remotely after tweeting he tested positive for COVID-19 Now this comes just ten days after he received a second booster yesterday Newsom met with New Zealand's prime minister to establish an international climate partnership besides rest his office says the governor will also take paxil vid to combat the virus I'm Phil ferrar And Top Gun: Maverick is the hottest movie out this Memorial Day weekend The hit sequel is expected to earn over $150 million over the weekend breaking the previous box office record set by Pirates of the Caribbean at world's end The film is part of the widest release ever showing at almost 5000 theaters worldwide I'm Jim Forbes It turns out the U.S. forest service may be to blame for New Mexico's largest wildfire The Santa Fe national forest now says the two wildfires in northern New Mexico that merged into one started back in April by a burn pile of branches that the forest service thought was out The fire later merged with their controlled burn that went out of control The two fires together have burned over 312,000 acres in New Mexico sangre to Cristo mountains A cyclist is struck and killed by an MTA bus in Queens David folk Thomas has the latest It happened Saturday around ten 40 a.m. near the intersection of 128th avenue and 238th street in the laurelton neighborhood ABC 7 reports the bus was traveling southbound on 238th street When it struck a man on a bicycle the bike appeared to have a motor attached to it The victim suffering head and body trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene The 59 year old bus driver is reportedly cooperating.

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