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Episode of Bible Binge on when your host talks for joining me, he's always dressed in dazzling white clothes. You actually are you actually aren't widely wearing white after Labor Day sucks. Okay. So here's the deal the Bible Binge Show where we take stories from the Bible and we recap them as though they were movie book or a TV show and we say movie booker TV show. That's what we usually do on our other show about pop culture the podcast with Nazi Jamie where we talk about popular culture sacrilege every Wednesday and before we begin we just. WanNa be clear that the Bible Bench has no agenda. The show is meant to be bent Jellicoe Avatar. We just think that the Bible has some pseudo stories and we'll talk more about them in a voice that is more every man or every woman. The conversation that will take place episode is meant to be more casual, not out of disrespect, but in an effort to better understand. The story, this season of the Bible bench is all about that Ragtag Group of during acolytes we lovingly refer to the disciples. This is the season finale of the classic episodes but make sure you just go to wherever you listen to podcasts subscribed trial. You'll know when we start back season eleven plus don't forget to follow along with us on instagram and twitter at the Bible. Binge and finally here at the Bible Bench, we urge you to love others as you love yourself and share the show social media and if you WANNA. Fall along as we go the main Biblical scriptures, the story will cover is Luke Nine, twenty, eight through thirty, six in John Nineteen. Twenty five through twenty seven or Jamie time for us to transfigure out this story. Do you get? The data's been. It's good. That's good. Yes, we are in this final episode you. We didn't get to cover all of the disciples because there's just we can't really truly what do we know about Bart Boring I was going to say there's not enough con- come after me Aaron I don't care he is. But in this episode we're packing everything we could possibly pack in into episode. So we have a lot of players. In this one, obviously we have Jesus. We don't cast him because we're not stupid we have. Peter. You can learn all about Peter in episode. One of the season he is portrayed by WHO Jordan. peele. Jordan peele you still feel good about eleven. So for my favorite plus Jordan Peele guys per tip. He directed won an for writing the film get out, which was actually our secret cinema. For people who are enrolled in. Bible bench seminary. Also in this episode, we have Mary the mother of Jesus now she was first featured in season one episode, six family tree of Jesus, and then she got. Basically got a whole season about herself in season four, which is our advent seasons right? Who did you cast is Mary. That is a play by Villa Davis. Okay. So she was a controversial casting yet. The Tom. Because we were talking about her having a baby in her teenage years like my. Old and it's like she was fifties never been A. You know that she was born forty and a great actress. But really, I, like the long view you had. Yes. Because this is where it really pays hand dividends here..

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