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On that day they're very show they do laundry in the house cofounder and c r o dan d dan to quest out there we go to kushner request out a i got it okay maybe one time and that's at one and down as they say so sedan i know it's your partner alex now also who has at last thing that has smurfs nathan summers so buddy you need to change names that are like that but but tell me is sort of a little of the background of tea laundry how'd you guys get started yes so alex moos neck and i are she best friends are grew up together in a small town instead of minneapolis we go way back in the he f you started a similar business at wake forest university where he went to school okay so sophomore year he actually started picking up the bags outside of dorms for students parents wept you pay for the service for their student or for their kids know he was taking the bags and digging and doing a laundry bring it back yep exactly i've had a little business set up who is very small and then he actually bought the businesses sophomore urges junior year um he grew at two hundred percent up into a senior year ended up selling it for a 10x return plow it was crazy amine laundry was actually included in the tuition at wake forest but he somehow convince those parents that the students can spend more time studying and get their laundry done for them while there was quotations or yeah there were some air quoting guy on their steady yeah we all know what that to about and so you you did not go to college at the same no so i want to the university of minnesota he told me about this business and i fell in love with the idea um he if she sold the business obviously is senior year ended up getting a job at ernst and young in charlotte i want about a year.

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