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To mustaches one on top of the other do you google image it google image it while you see mad about i know you're in the room with me but i'm telling you this is very well vetted just like my accent well i have i wasn't aware of your mustache issue it just looks like the one mustache with argue it's too and i will argue this until my dying day and i'm sure griffin would agree with me i agree listen it's weird how you shoved him out of the way of the microphone and look i am the world's probably the world's greatest detective not good at standing up so i had to take the chair let's let me tell you about let me let me tell my conflict your accent where to go you needed janine awful horsing this character to his tell you my conflicts i've been taking a lot of pro bono cases long bit one dollar to spend it's a very sincere murder on the orient a minute and always remits all right i don't know what you're talking about trying to turku by the way i know you guys should talk about it if you if you'll let me i thought it was a great job how you solve the murder oh thank you yeah i don't know if you noticed but the murder was on the orient express well can i tell you dollar shave club yes that dollar shave club delivers everything you need to look feel and smell your best you name it shampoo conditioner body wash toothpaste hair jail dr carver's shave butter and i get these through my dollar shave club membership which delivers these wonderful products to my house dr cover was a classmate of mine he is probably the best shave butter maker in the world well as you're learning surgery he was learning shea butter making yes of course well dollar shave club makes products for your hair your face your skin for your shower and they have me look and feel an amazing as you i'm sure have already detected david i understand you have a episode to record and i've already taken yes but can i ask you one thing in confidence ben davies seems rum newman can you.

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