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Things. Are you know switching in going. Small is is the thing that everybody feels like you have to do certainly a year ago. I was curious. You know how much of the bucks are are. The bucks have issues but wants to play this conservative style but ultimately ultimately up. You know i mean at times they needed to do at times. They did it <hes> with actually some success even though i don't think the early were thrilled about it <hes> but <hes> but yeah i mean i think this this team. I think they can play different styles. As you mentioned i mean you know if they do have the lopez brothers <hes> they can give some different looks given some of the other big that they have and and of course jaanus but i would say certainly especially in the regular season had agreed. I mean it's it's probably going to be a lot of you know traditional kinda kinda lineups and <hes> yeah. I mean robin. I think like is r._p._m. Numbers on the stuff sorta maybe underscores that he's not quite the defender that sort of the the ironic that robbins defensive lopez brother in brook as the offensive one and now it's like yeah i think robin brooke's is just sort of both <hes> is best at both of those things i mean brooke had a tremendous defensive year then again. A lot of that i think was just putting him. In a great position succeed asking him to do things he could do and obviously you and i hope maybe they'll have the same effect on robin see well. Let's just talk about the rotation internal <hes> bledsoe wes matthews middleton jaanus lopez. You agree agree. The projects was the starting five yeah. It seemed like i mean again matthews. Obviously you know more by default than anything certainly <hes> you know he's obviously a guy who has <unk> a lotta limitations but it will be sort of the the role playing a starter and trying to four strapped to that seems like the best guess but i think certainly <hes> you know that's a spa. That's the obvious spots pat's and they clearly told him he's gonna start or we wouldn't be here. I don't think either i it seemed like that was very important to him when he decided to indiana last year and you know make sense yes <hes> and certainly great value for him. One plus one at the minimum for a guy who's not going to get truck defensively and i can still hidden open three even if the rest of his game is kinda had a limited. You know they probably don't get him. If malcolm brogdon is on the team i would imagine so yeah <hes> so backup wing though is interesting <hes> i mean obviously sleep thanassis sudden coupons. We need the first wing so you've got sterling brown. Kyle korver pat coniston dante david chen zo who ah is he healthy. What's the story with him real quick as far as he didn't play still because he was injured right. You know john sort of tried to downplay that the injury injury was the reason for it but i've just generally had a very uneasy feeling about his situation is from a health perspective. You know he had <hes> you know. The these kind of foot issues issues <hes> he'll issues that you know he came back from and then i think it was early march he played came back for a couple of games and basically reinjured disappeared for the rest of the season i and <hes> you know nobody as you said didn't plan summer league <hes> there was i read a report about a basketball camp. He did i believe in delaware where of course he's from where it was claimed that he's one hundred percent for the sees a delaware online reports that he's he's on my as of august twenty second my my homepage <hes> for for all news of course <hes> so i am still nervous about that and for that reason <hes> i you know we've i've had a lot of debates with <hes> you know i do locked on bucks with eric name and <hes> you know. We've had a lot of debate about you. Know okay strolling brown. <hes> pat contin dante chen's like who who these guys are actually going to emerge from the pack and actually play <hes> consistent minutes and with dante i mean he was the first guy off the bench in the first couple of games last year as a rookie for mike in holds..

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