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At eight o'clock. People will go somewhere else and take their money somewhere else. And it is what it is. But people gonna live. Ron is over. Win is over. Get the vaccine. Go back to business. I was just saying, you know, we were in our mask for sure. When I'm asked when we eat, we take him off. But for the most part, just go get your back saying y'all so that you could come out here and have a good time like this because we be vaccinated, baby stop playing period. The Palestinian Authority is beginning a mass Corona virus vaccination program. Today it's received more than 60,000 doses from Kovacs. The global initiative set up to ensure the equitable distribution of jobs. Health officials in Gaza have also been given large batches off the Russian Sputnik V vaccine from the United Arab Emirates on a smaller quantity off the Madonna vaccine from Israel. This is the latest world news from the BBC. Philippines Army says its troops have killed an Islamist rebel commander on rescued the last of his Indonesian captives. The military said soldiers had engaged in a gun battle with the Abu Sayyaf kidnappers on Saturday. Group abducted eight Indonesian fishermen in January last year. Three captives had already died, one managed to escape and three were rescued on Friday. British government has been warned that its decision to cut billions of dollars from its overseas AIDS budget is illegal in the UK is former top prosecutor Can McDonald said the change would violate British laws. Government says the reduction is necessary to rebalance the economy. But the move has been widely criticized by eight campaigners and politicians. Here's our diplomatic correspondent James Lando. The law says ministers must spend North 0.7% of national income on foreign aid each year, but the government's decided to set a new target of not 0.5%. It argues that's possible within existing legislation. But Lord MacDonald's disagrees In a legal opinion, first reported by the Sunday Times, he says it's unlawful for ministers to set a new target without new legislation. He also says the decision can be tested by the courts. The largest asteroids to pass by Earth this year will reach its closest point later on Sunday, giving astronomers an opportunity to observe a space rock that formed at the dawn of the solar system. Asteroid is about 900 m in diameter. The American Space agency NASA says that at its nearest point, the object will still be two million kilometers away. The oil giant Saudi Aramco has announced that his profits for 2020 fell by nearly 45% compared with 2019. It blamed plummeting oil prices as result of the pandemic. Company whose main shareholder is the Saudi state still made a profit of $49 billion last year. It remains one of the world's most valuable companies. ABC News Six minutes past eight GMT. Welcome to weekend.

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