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Salt lake isn't is it worth it. I don't know now if he had had a perfect game. That's a helium bucks her off. He had one walk otherwise he would have been so then. Maybe that calculus changes. I don't know i through that syria. I kind of agree with that. That a perfect game is worth keeping a guy in whereas yeah no hitter you sort of. Especially since like yeah. You're you're right that he could get hurt. He's thrown a lot of pitches. You wanna save them for the postseason This is something that you know. A no hitter is something that a bunch of random people have done. If tyler gilbert has done it can it really be that special for tyler. Gilbert is getting these. We're piling on his throne multiple no hitters in his career. Maybe we should be you know taking a dump on him the back the better stat from that game to me so the indians have been no hit three times. The season the pitcher in all three was xactly. Zach that is brutal. I mean he only gave up two earned runs like an then this game like what a you know. Talk about. no run. Support your dan we talk about. We start talking about hit support. Yeah just give me anything guys. Just looking back on it. It was actually. It's actually very very rare to have a pitcher throat. Eight innings in a in a in a share. No hitter if you go back and look at the share no hitters. This year's act eighty six Two thousand nineteen aaron sanchez through six in in two thousand eighteen walker. Bueller through six innings. And all these guys are bullpens. Went on to to continue the no hitter. Cole hamels six. Do you have to go all the way back. That was two thousand fourteen for the phillies. You'd have to go all the way back to nineteen nine hundred ninety seven so weird francisco cordova through nine innings encounter. That was ten any no hitter. So that doesn't really count. It's all back in nineteen sixty. I have it right here. Sixty seven where steve barber. Through eight and two thirds. And stu miller for the orioles came in and finish the no hitter with one out. And that's really the only time that's happened looking at the game story. And it sounds like council wasn't gonna let burns come even back out for the eighth and burns fought to pitch the eighth so he said he said i had to fight pretty hard for the eighth to come back out so i knew i had no shot for the ninth. That's interesting like he came out of the game in the eighth knowing he wasn't going to go back in. That's kind of funny. He also said If there was anyone. I would want to come out there for the ninth. It would be judge hater so you know. Increase a baseball team game. Yeah yeah i liked how the You know we. We had this crisis early in the season with the no hitters from the episode that we took our take from and it felt like it was like the hitters are just hopelessly overmatched and and You know this is a crisis for the game of baseball and think the ban on sticky stuff and maybe some other factors came into play and things kind of equalized which is basically what you predicted. Jeff that like record. He was a record. It was a record juiced by those again kind of questionable multiplayer d- You know combined no hitters whatever And at the same time it's like it's kind of cool to see those..

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