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Car ride in my life. I could never be happier. I wasn't nearly this money. I wasn't even in the ballpark of this money. I've still elated elated over the Mon. All right. You're still happy. Thinking about says, the salad days with of no salad. All right. We got the Megan Kelly clip, and then we got her apology as well. Because you do get in trouble. If you are a white person who puts on the Louise or a black person who puts Whiteface Halloween like I was a kid. That was okay. As long as you addressing character. And people said that that was racist. And I don't know I felt like who doesn't love Diana Ross. She wants to look around for one day. I I don't know how that got racist on Halloween. I agree with all that by the way, except for the part of the white black the other way round if you want to trust like Diana Ross on Halloween or if you work at the Queen Mary. The drag joint and oh God. There's gotta be a thousand Diana Ross's that aren't plan. Do that for living. That's a protected endangered species. So no one's going after them less Countess. What's her name is not? Lady bunny, juju be gigli Kellyanne day. I can keep going. Yeah. So are those all Ross person? They can all do Diana Ross Lagaan just drawn Joe Willem. Are they white? Most of them are white some are Puerto Rico unclear so somewhere if you're big Dan Ross fan, and you want to dress STAN Ross or you wanna do President Obama or you want to do is. I did Mr. T God, I said I sit on twenty or twenty one. But I realized I was living at home when I did not I must have been eighteen or nineteen Mr. T, the reason I remember I was living at home is because after their ama- on the there am on the minor their resurfaces. I know I'm so scared. I put it up three times a week put your book. I I got tolerant you our faiths, though. I know Ray Ray one as Hari Krishna appropriate shaved his head as well. I want as Mr. T, and I walked out of the all I I remember I wasn't living at home because living in the garage. And the reason I remember that is because when I was done being Mr. T shave off the right side mohawk, and my shied whatever, and I was just ball. Called and you Larry and Brian. It's two thousand eighteen your ball. That's fine. This is nine hundred eighty three was not a good thing to be bald nine thousand nine threes. Good to have, you know, look like one of the romantics. Have have have some hair on I shave my head. And all I remember I walked into the kitchen the next morning Halloween was like Friday, and I was out partying Friday and Saturday and going to parties and then Monday morning. My dad didn't dispense a lot of advice. I just walked past him any Shaw shaved head and he just went like, good luck. Getting a job now. Past the whole deal. Get a fucking job you could get out of the goddamn garage. That's all we want you to do and shaved head made you weird along the actually action, right? All right. That's good fathers thing to say, by the way that cuts to a kind of heart that only fathers have to sort hand. Yeah. You know, what time for you to get out of the house? Don't shave your head again. So my take is black face is bad black faces a bad part of our nation's history. But you being Diana Ross isn't black face. It's you being Dan Ross because you love Diana Ross one day a year, and it was me being Mr. T wasn't black face. It was me being Mr. teeth when day year now, I don't understand why that isn't understood it's not the same thing. And I assume what we have is. Zealots, and then a bunch of super push a fide white people are just scared shitless to speak their mind. So everyone just piles onto this thing. Very white a roller of you will. Yeah. Like little bit a little bit earlier. I can lend you one if you keep doing the figure you to break down trade you the leash. The KENDALL Jenner did devote thing and she had like a teased out hairdo that was not an afro, and then she had two they took it down..

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