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And china has nukes which means india has nukes in the house to get nukes in the gets nukes which means pakistan says will then we need nukes because india has nukes and getting nukes is a way of saying we matter because india just doesn't need the care anymore and this is our last piece on on this what has happened to the economy the gross domestic product in nineteen sixty india was slightly better than pakistan mostly because it had more people but if you did per capita in nineteen sixty s nineteen forty five nineteen forty what becomes pakistan would have been higher in per capita what you get is this growth especially after nineteen seventy five where india keeps rising and rising and rising and pakistan doesn't and one reason is pakistan continues have military coups and so it has a weak state which is a reversal of forty seven when nineteen forty seven haven't pakistan look the better of the two countries muslims were better off life was better you would have picked pakistan to live in historically but india has become much larger much bigger and especially after nineteen ninety where it's now six times larger there is no competition between any impact in its impact sins mind if pakistan didn't have nukes india really wouldn't even have to care about it if pakistan didn't harbor terrorists that continue to bomb places in kashmir india just wouldn't care it's that much bigger it's six times bigger and will continue to get bigger.

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