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Same way they just fired mccabe they've got to fire robert mueller muller mueller i've never pronounce his name is muller i don't care what the ramifications are i don't care that liberals are already knowing this might happen they're screaming that'd be fires muller it means that donald trump is lost the rule of law and he's lost the country and he must be guilty in the perceptual be guilt i don't care you gotta fire muller because there's no question in my mind he's going to die you and members of your family jared kushner they're all gonna get this guy's going after everyone and none of it has anything to do with the original no department of justice have rules that says we don't have a special counsel statue anymore that apartment of justice rules say that if you're conflicted out the the reason to do an independent investigation is that a crime must first be identified this is the crime committed therefore let's gather evidence rod rosenstein is flip this thing on his head and said there go fine crime go on a fishing expedition and i don't care who you are if you take thirty six fbi agents and sixteen department of justice attorneys and spend unlimited amount of money looking at someone like donald j trump who has spent decades in the public and in the financial world you will find sufficient evidence of something to indict him which will invalidate the two thousand sixteen election which is the goal of robert mueller right well don't forget you left out only one important point you frame to beautifully one thing it's not that you have sixteen killer mad dog bulldog prosecutors you have six liberal democrat prosecutors who in their tire life factual proof year they've all given donations to only democrats that you'll ary to obama to democrats running for senate for governor these sixteen killers prosecutor killers who know how to how to destroy people who were all just democrats there's one republican amongst them so he's assembled a team of murderers row who's whose golden life is to love hillary to love obama just like mccabe just like told me my gosh she's assembled prosecutors who are exactly the same the fbi agents who should be under arrested i hope soon we'll be by the way i don't think we should worry about his benching i think you have.

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