North Georgia, Tropical Storm Zeta, Breda Pest Management discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


We understand that the emcee is very sensitive to that and very dedicated to the members and they're going to get that service restored a soon as they can get the keys for the winds to improve enough to be able to do that below 30 Miles an hour, and they say police stay away from any line looks like it's down. Don't approach them and and get the power crews plenty of room to do their work once they're able to do that. Nobody. West Media's time is 6 51 US bees, cabinets and his dependable five day forecast protected by Breda Pest management. They handle bugs and critters, so the flash flood watch has been cancelled. The heavy rain has come to an end as the centre of Tropical Storm Zeta is soon to be moving out of northeast. Georgia is just racing across north Georgia, and we're starting to see winds gradually die down in the metro area, so We are going to see some improvement here in the minutes and definitely hours ahead. As we had past sunrise will start to see the clouds break a little bit of sunshine. Later today with a high of 76. We'll stay windy all day long. But those damaging wind gusts will be over by sunrise and then tonight into tomorrow morning, down a 49 mostly sunny and 62 on Friday. Saturday. Mostly sunny, low 46 high 63 Saturday evening back into the mid fifties by sunset. Remember, that's Halloween. So awesome trick or treaters out there And then Saturday night, we fall back to standard time such clock back an hour, five day forecast for Sunday and Monday Sunday partly cloudy, low 50 high 67 Monday Get this morning Low 38 in Atlanta. We're talking likely some mid thirties in the north Georgia north of Metro area. It could be talking about a frost Monday morning, then study and a high of 55. Recapping the forecast.

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