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The two thousand eighteen boston marathon wbz news time to fifty one some sound developments now in the case of a missing southern california family who disappeared while on a road trip more than a week ago after days of searching the mendocino county sheriff's department hundreds of miles north of valencia california where the thought of polly's family lived his now found the families suv and three of the four family members bodies in the eel river it's believed the mother father and two children were on a road trip it was raining and their suv slipped often embankment and into the river the body of their twelve year old son remains missing alex stone abc news police statements on the february fourteenth florida high school shooting nell cooperate earlier reports now the first brower deputies at a scene failed to enter the building to confront the gunman and assist the wounded the report says the first officers arrived minutes after the shooting to find to broward county sheriff's deputy standing in the parking lot the officers then went into the building and immediately found a victim standing against a wall before falling to the floor parents of the victims have been speculating that victims on the third floor could have survived had first responders reach them more quickly seventeen people died in that shooting a nationwide search for a killer granny is underway police say fifty six year old lois has wanted for murder in two separate states under sheriff karma marsano of lee county florida says reza's armed and dangerous she smiles and looks like anyone's mother or grandmother yet she is calculated she's targeted she's an absolute cold blooded killer she is wanted in minnesota for allegedly killing her husband and in fort myers florida where she is accused of befriending a woman and killing her to steal her identity breaking news this afternoon in order.

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