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And successful people realize this that it's all about taking that negative thought and switching it into a positive thought taking that negative thought and switching it into an empowering thought that's actually going to move you forward route my career i've had a lot of these gremlins ideal with these gremlins on a daily basis still and what i do is i like to see myself okay is that thought true and can i change that to a different thought thoughts are generative thoughts are energy and what we think about does actually happen in our life so you do have to be really conscious of what you're thinking if you're constantly telling yourself you're going to be broken you're always going to be stuck and this business ideas going to fail and you're anxious what do you think is going to happen the really incredible thing about life is that we all have the power of choice and this secret is that entrepreneurs that are successful or just really good at switching from bad to good they're really good at switching from oh my gosh otit this isn't gonna work to okay yes it's gonna work you've got this you've got this you've got this and this switch in the brain starts to become automatic the more you train this system so over the years i've trade my brain to go from ocean to ocean hell yes what if you right now listening to this i know you have fears i know you're probably scared shitless about what's going to happen with money your career life what if you turn to that inciting into excitement they're pretty much the same emotion they're both just built up energy what if you turn that into excitement you know it's funny we can actually apply this to other areas of our life ideal with a lot of anxiety especially when i fly i'm terrified of planes okay i'll at minutes okay baby grandma is afraid of planes and i was taking off to head back home to la last week from to loom and him on the plane and i'm having pretty much a mini anxiety attack at take off because i have this weird feeling that i'm always going to be on the.

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