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This news is a service of radio Cab 11 90 X. Now the news. Good afternoon. I Brad board our top story. The Beachy Creek Fire didn't give residents of the Sandy Am River Canyon much time to evacuate. Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Barbara says many residents were asleep. It's hard to yell at people to say. Get going. Get going now or you're going to die. It's hard to say that it's hard to Convinced people that sometimes because they just got woken up out of bed and they're they're shocked. They don't know what's going on. Now. There's smoke around. There's embers falling, Barber says Local officials from the cities of Detroit Gates Mill City and Mahama worked with deputies to Lord residents. Four people died in the fire. Ahead of the Oregon Emergency Management Department says help is available for Oregonians were impacted by the wildfires. 11 90 KXAS Michael Desmond, reports director Andrew Phelps says they're putting together a common operating picture of the wildfires. This includes structures that have been lost. Those who've been reported missing or unaccounted for. And fatalities, Phelps says over 3000 people were in some form of shelter were prepared to continue providing safe shelter for those who have been evacuated as long as that need exist, Phelps says People in Clackamas, Douglas Jackson, Klamath Lane, Lincoln, Lynn and marrying counties were able to apply for federal disaster relief through the FEMA Web site at F E m a dot gov. The firefighter has been killed battling a wildfire in California how the firefighter died. He has not been made public. Get the Forest survey saying the firefighter died Thursday night while battling the Eldorado Fire. That's a fire east of L. A in the San Bernardino National Forest. It was started by a pyrotechnic being used for a gender reveal party. The fire has burned about 19,000 acres and containment is rising at like stone, ABC News, LOS Angeles So you can expect traffic delays on I five in North Portland, Vancouver starting tomorrow. The nine day I five bridge repair project starts at midnight Saturday when the North bound span of the Ridge will close on Wall Street Downs down 177 points. NASDAQ Down 112 the S and P down 32 K x traffic. From the Papa Murphy's traffic Center. We make it you bake it. It's a jam up now getting into Newburgh. All lanes are closed with a crash cell found 99 W at Springbrook and also in Vancouver. It's a vehicle fire. The rampant currently shut down south to five, leading the mill place Lin Masters and key X traffic Now Kay to weather Lightning strikes and heavy downpours mostly wrap up in the morning hours, but showers continue for the rest of the day with a.

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