Decker, Thames River Thames, Hudson River discussed on Chapo Trap House - Episode 125 - Fast And Furious: Toledo Drifter feat. Tim Heidecker (7/15/17)


Piling though the plane into a mecca that was weary of a a a very very subtle easter a joke in the new season of decker were the solely to poster hip you see the plane and you see is the big band in the back river thames river thames is in play be way harder than the hudson river yes through that area all marga area yeah how silly get again as so the challenge solely lay give you can land in the suez canal the british empire gets he's got a stuffy british copilot played my colony earth terribly irregular cops to do that smoke okay so i started i'm gonna let me just finish that there on hanks anecdote and then vets that naturally startevic diverse regard yeah we serve it weird mike finance assertive is this is this is a quick when he is the he ccc some hanks and he was credits include here dragnet eventually good movie i shook tom hanks his hand and needled him a little i said i understand you don't like republicans are conservatives very much he said oh you just fine someone suggested we take a picture together as we smiled for the cameras i turned tom hanks and needled him a little more i said just do me a favor will you tell them not to put the movie earn anymore so we've got with the movie on any more of you on that island talking to the volleyball laughed and said don't be criticising the movie governor that's how i put my kids to college oh jews to me not just because i picked to a celebrity not just because that always admired tom hanks's work.

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