Carlos, Mark It discussed on Herman Cain


Wrapped in bacon i'm here for the taken i'm covered with cheese i aim to please and usually i'm hitting in the cleanup spot where i clear the basis hey you want me to hit in the two hole the night mark i'm on a chip on out to right center i'm going to get on base i'm gonna steal second and i'm gonna score on the next hit out brother moved the runners johnny we appreciate your switching up lineup spot with silky tonight chunky lock box so thank you for being a team player moving up to that number two whole buddy always kind of like a tony i'm trying to carlos by air go if you will you're number two hitter but you got power you know you're not just you know a punch and judy guy i'm coming in about five three one eighty my feet point opposite directions exactly i'm going to get on base and run around what's on the menu tonight brother mark it's about time my hats and dessert and since it's summer let's go over to q and see what they got cooking for their new summer things they got a brand new slate blizzard's for everybody who now usually you can go in there and you order whatever you want give me the reese's pieces give me the cookie dough gimme the blueberries give me whatever you want but they've got some preset recipes throwing at you just for this summer they've got the drastic chop they've got berry cheesecake they've got cotton candy they've got s'mores i can tell you about any one of them if you wanna know oh you're a blue guy i love blizzards love love love him right so you gotta though every once in a while they gotta figure out hey what else can we put in the blizzards one of my favorite things is jurassic trump obviously teaming up with that movie that's coming out about dinosaurs and they're throwing in some what i like to call buckeyes they're calling them little peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate but everybody knows from the midwest nauseam as buckeye you got chunks of fudge you got liquid fudge and then you've got everything else they usually put a blizzard which is finalized cream you've got cheese cake berry mark you want a.

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