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Covered it. There's there's a bunch of stories you know that were done about this in major media and it became a, I guess, a somewhat popular story. It's funny if you go to according today, no one knows what you're talking about really. But no, I short period of time. It was. It was very well known and I would say that's sort of the story. I know there's a Michigan dog Nance stuff, but I really credit the the beast of Bray road for good or for evil with kicking off the top of the dog man as as a sort of pop culture figure which kind of is today. So yeah, that's the movie kind of takes you through the entire history of of Alcorn, Wisconsin and its relationship with the the beast of Bray road as well as a larger look at the the where will phenomenon globally. And then it kind of comes back to corn and shows you where things are going with the subject today. I just want to throw out there that you mentioned the fog. There's a four k remastered release of that coming back to theaters, I guess, to pine the Fourcade now and I just I just bought the beautiful like steel book. I just bought the steel condition, but I didn't realize there was this four k. remastered cut coming on Blu Ray too. So now I'm going to buy that as well. But yeah, it's a great, fantastic movie and I've just discovered it in last year to a really, oh yeah, it's one of the two big John houseman goes movies. There's that went. It goes story so enough, good stuff, say, citing dates back to the nineteen thirties, but then there wasn't a rash of sightings. Until the nineteen eighties and through to the nineteen ninety s why do you think that there was such a long hiatus between these initial? The initial sighting and add in the rush of signings will. It's kind of cool actually is the there are sightings in during the seventies. I'm not aware of any in the sixties authorities settings that Linda's come across. From the seventies. And then more recently, someone reported assiting on Bray road that would have taken place in the early eighties. So it's, it might be that people just weren't reporting what they were seeing or or it could be that you know do to the sort of attention being put on the subject. You know, all of a sudden people are are kind of calling in with their their own version of the story. People love to be part of these stories, and you always have to be very careful that as well. You know, the thing about the beast Ray road that I've, I really like as well as a subject is that there are. There are a lot of like rational, sort of what people consider mundane explanations for what could be going on. You know, you've got like the bear with mange thing. You've also got the the fact that there are large Wolfson especially now. I believe when I was there, I found out that wolves are sorta starting to repopulate. In Wisconsin..

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