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Throw the ball too much and the pittsburgh steelers will one hundred percent be fine flipping over to the defensive side and one young player for the pittsburgh steelers that also holds. A lot of the keys is one alex highsmith. We know the steelers defense. They're supposed to take a bit of a step back. Losing bud depre- the double digit sack. Man from twenty nine thousand nine. He looked like he was well on his way to doing. Just that in twenty twenty before tearing his acl in that unfortunate accident which really can derail the steelers season at after that the steelers greatly struggled. Alex highsmith was fine in some limited playing time. But of course we know. He's battling an ankle injury as well. Alex highsmith however already looks like he's on a better upward trajectory. Then bud duprey was entering his second year of his career. High smith is a great pass rusher and he's one hundred percent bought in if you looked at pictures of him and videos of him during these offseason workouts with the steelers. The dude is clearly jacked. He's coming to camp larger than he was last year. He looks more defined than he was. He is in peak shape because of it because it just necessarily being heavier and stronger. He'll be better against the run. Alex highsmith if he can answer the questions and develop faster than buddah. Pre did the steelers defense. Shouldn't miss a beat and that goes without mentioning outsize. Miss should never face a double team all year. Long teaching wat- on the other side is going to command. A heck of a lot of attention steph onto it and cam. He are as well. Even tyson allahu allahu when he's out on the field. He deserves at least a chip. That's how good the front seven is for the pittsburgh. Steelers these guys. They're all deserving of being double teamed. and that's kind of the hardest question. Defensive coordinator you just have to ask themselves each and every week. Who are redoubling today. Who we're going to let try to beat us. We know they're not gonna let. Tgi what do that and we know. They're certainly going to do their best to not let steph onto it or cam. Haywar do it. Basically they're going to decide between two and hayward who they're gonna leave single teams all game and then alex highsmith just gets his free one on one rush. Alex smith could absolutely exploded onto the scene. Because of not only has he completely changed his body for the better but he is in one of the cushy jobs there is for an edge rusher in the nfl. He should be excited. He should pin his ears. Back this is going to be very berry fun. Season football for alex highsmith. And if i was an edge rusher in the nfl. I would be extremely jealous of him taking that role he is going to be a stud there and really. I wouldn't be surprised if he was close to as good as bud. Duprey was at least in the pass rush game a year ago. We know how good bud duprey wasn't a rushing attacks so i'm not going to put that level of standard on them but he could be pretty darn good and it is exciting. Another thing. I want to point to as well that is kind of going under the radar is how good the pittsburgh steelers. Special teams are going to be. A lot of people are really talking about this. And i i kinda get it. It's special teams. But it's still a pretty big facet of this game. We know jordan bury the incumbent punter. He usually starts to your pretty well before falling off the rails as the weather gets colder he. he'll have as usual shank punt all of a sudden the steelers like they're on their own forty yard lines all right. This team isn't going to do anything because we're gonna punt the ball away. There's only minute left. There's no way they're going to go ninety yards and score touchdown but then joined bury shanks went off the side of his foot and all of a sudden they just have to go twenty yards and kick a field goal and all of a sudden. We're going over time now. The pittsburgh steelers have a legitimate punning prospect and prodigy and presley harbin. The third him alone changes this team because if the steelers can have the production that the ravens get out of sam cooke holy smokes this defense if they're just playing with nine hundred cushions behind them each and every game that is massive and something. Steelers have greatly missed for a very long time. They need a great punter and they might actually have that guy now after him. Look how many guys the steelers added as gunners and special teams aces throat. The last couple of years yes or no. They lost jordan dangerfield but they backed that up with adding a ton of talent mouse. Killebrew is one of the best special teamers in the entire nfl. It's one of those spots that isn't talked about because once again it's special teams but he is going to replace dangerfield seamlessly we know. Dirk watt is one of the best special teams as well. The steelers added him a year ago. And now you look at the steelers draft picks quincy rochet. He's going to be a special teamer buddy johnson. He's going to be a special teamer. Marcus allen of course. He's been on the team for a couple years now. But he's added some mass. He looked pretty big. He is also going to be a special teamer. You run up and down the defensive lineup. And if they're not starters they have really good abilities to be good special. Teamers look at safeties. Trae norwood's going to be asked to do that. Antoine brooks legitimate starting capable players. Maybe not the best of the best starters but at the very least starting capable players will be on special teams. This unit is going to hunt guys down that he doesn't even mention the guys on offense that offer some stuff in the special teams game. Do you guys remember. Kevin reiter a year ago when he beat out. Zack gentry for some playing time. He was a special teams demon. I remember a couple hits. He absolutely laid out returners after him. Cassius marsh another late season edition. I remember that colts game. He flew down the middle of field. We know his wards when it comes to trying to defend the run as an edge rusher but as a special teams guy. He flies down the field and cracks heads from top to bottom. The pittsburgh steelers are going to have a great of great special teams unit and teams are going to have to travel a very long distance to score points and that is one of the most underrated things to be accepted of. When it comes to the pittsburgh steelers all that being said. I wanna thank you for today's show coming on tuning in with me and you know what i think next week just for the fact of being a good journalist we'll even look at the negatives why okay to be negative about the pittsburgh steelers because guess what until the games are played. We don't necessarily know and really it's okay to be any type of fan. I would just say it's not okay to just go after an attack fans for their own opinions. 'cause heck is just your opinion. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. One hundred percent wholeheartedly and shouldn't be attacked for that. And if that's the only thing you take away from today's show well that's a pretty. Gosh darn good lesson in my opinion. So thank you for tuning in once again today.

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