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Maggio. I'm Doug Gottlieb, joy Taylor, Colin coward. Getting some well deserve respite. Callard somehow going down the ski slope. What's your blazing by the way? What's your hierarchy watch godly? We get the herd hierarchy upcoming show. Michael Rapaport, actor Hooper pot stirrer extraordinaire will join us in in merely. Five minutes. There's this expression that guys have I don't know, Jamie. If women have this expression where you're like man that guy's got it all figured out. Right. Did you guys ever use that onto describe women? Like, she's got it all figured out. Do you ever do that? No. I don't think it is kind of a guy thing because most of his guys like we can't figure stuff out. We just can't. When does figure it out. You don't read social drinking? Yes. Like, we don't read Saddam read social cues, particularly. Well, you know, like, that's honestly the thing with with. Let's like I think most males. Biggest problems is we just we don't read signs. We just don't we just kind of plow through life. As if everybody thinks the way that we think problems with women. It's because they think every woman is is is into them why because they're not reading any signs and not actually looking for signs. They just assume that any positives. I mean, I'm in the same reason that I think homophobia occurs because they believe that every homosexual guy should be into them. They're not they're just not they are not into every heterosexual male matter of fact, they're not in the most heterosexual males. And it does not. But again, the heterosexual male. I believe does not read signs at all. Because we don't have figured out. So when a guy does have figured out we all go like, he's got it all figured out. So I don't think that K D. Is the exception. I think he's the norm. Like, I think he's ninety five percent of males in America. Where it doesn't matter. What you have money. You don't have money like he's still sees thirty years old. He's a two time NBA finals MVP one time NBA MVP. He's a gold medalist. And he's a two time NBA champion that has probably a one hundred million dollars in the Bank. He's got a Nike deal other deals. He does stuff in Silicon Valley. He does stuff in New York City. Like, he's got he's got everything and he's going to be a free agent..

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