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Entertainment. Colleen Lindstrom Bradley trainer. What pre tell is a population ship. It's a relationship used for publicity. And we have little nicknames for our favorite population ships and the one that we're going to talk about today. Is one called from Mila. Sham youa emphasis on the sham. Sean Mendez Camilla Kubo. Remember the two that love Teo like each other's faces in public? How true that is. We haven't heard much out of them lately. Nothing, guys. I have a breaking news headlines. Camilla Kubo broke up with Sean Mendez know every single detail about the end of their relationship from inside. Are you Syria? Every single one. So I remember the last time we talked about them. We read this story that was like they broke up. Get all the latest. We're like, OK, And then I read the latest and there was like nothing there. It was, like somebody said once but like None of it checked out. It was all lies. Right? So then we were like, Okay, well, maybe they're still together. We just haven't seen them. We'll know this story says they broke up and there are details. And I want to read some of the details. I wish you would. Okay, so Sean men doesn't commit like a bor no more together. Says this story. Do you want to know Because, like the thing that we do with Tabloid stories as we kind of got to figure out like, Where's the story coming from you? He was telling it right, like well, according to this tabloid. Gizmo blaze dot com. Okay, bring about Yeah, that's the same one as before. Exactly. So they're telling the same story, But they're saying they have all the details now. So I'm gonna really a bit for you. Another separation story for you is about Kamil, Kobe and Sean Man does this time Camilla Cobeno put down Sean Mendez. Presently she put him was she carrying him? Presently, they conceal it from the media and the general population. Sean Mendez. Oh, she talks about like who they are in all this nonsense who they're probably already now, blah Shawn Mendes has begun dating since 2019. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, OK? I'm sorry. None of the words that you're saying sound like They're meant to go together. However, they do want you to know that like these two got together, But this isn't an exposure stunt. Since they're both popular youthful artists. They have great individual on expert media. They communicated enthusiasm for their relationship story on Instagram, and Prior to their relationship. The two were the closest companions. It shows the excursion from companions to genuine perfect partners. Oh, it's an excursion. So then I'm like, okay. You guys like you're you're supposed to be promising me that they're breaking up right and all the details. Yeah. So none of that said anything really about a accepted that she put him down. Yeah, like like, that's literally all it says. But then wait, there's more, it says how did their relationship and Vocalists Camilla Kubo and Shawn Mendes split at the Grammy grants. What the Grammy grants Not in any event, sharing the honorary pathway. The show highlights Simon Mendez as Camilla Kubo, Simon. After the service, Sean expelled the kiss video from social record with Camilla Tabatha opening and I am a nightmare. This gave a few intimations about their record relationship record. At the function, Camilla took an honorary pathway with her dad. She likewise recorded the tune First Man devoted to her dad, Alejandro Cabbie. Oh, A few fans said she didn't impart an honorary pathway to Sean Mendez in light of the fact that she would not like to concrete on their relationships. I mean, I'm aware they've already concrete ID on there. Really? Okay. So can we just admit for all of time and space? This gizmo blaze business is just a hot mess. Autumn a Tommy to the s. Yeah, like theirs. They literally every story makes no sense whatsoever. Homeland Releasing soon get all the latest updates here. The story is blowing fans mind. Can I ask a question? Are there people because I know that this is all like, click bait. Right? So it's two. It's money. Yeah, for money. Websites are like Clickety clack and content. But like who'd lands on that and goes, this is legit. And then comes back. Right? Yeah, like you're right. It's written by a robot. But like, what's the return rates? I mean, they must make enough. But I I also just loved it like I am so curious like there has to be human involvement. Because they take some story. I mean, it kind of like you can kind of read between the lines with the story that I read like I know, I you know, played it up to make it sound is like Nonsensical as possible. But vocalist Camilla and Shawn Mendes split at the Grammy grants, not in any event, sharing the honorary pathway. I think about what what that's saying is that allegedly they split at the Grammys because they weren't on the red carpet together, right, But that's but like, so they have, like some, like something makes sense here. Then there's like they're just running it through the gobbledygook machine. What I really want is to talk to somebody who runs one of these dumb websites and be like, Can you explain your algorithm ties? Not just this website. Right? Like we've talked about these websites before Pink Villa. Is that one of them? Yeah, And they're terrible. I mean, They're just a cz bad like you think Villa, right? Yeah, because you will go there and you'll be like, Oh, that's a story I'd like to read and then you open it and pretty quickly. You're like. I don't know what language this is, but it doesn't. It almost feels like when you get something goes through the Google translator. Yeah, like maybe somebody was writing in another language and put it through Google translate and then Villa. That's the case, perhaps because a lot of their content is from India. Right? So that would mean I guess that would make sense that they're writing content in another language and their language through the Google translate. Yeah, it's just so.

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