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Know wonderful. How is it that blandino might be our best reliever so far. I mean i went and grabbed penn. Station i come home and put it back onto the game. Boy was i perfect. Timing mcconnachie mac figure for i think twelve straight batters. It was like they hit literally on the barrel of the bat. It sounded like they were chopping wood. There the ball or mph corns by your boy embry. I don't know why you wanna read unit for your year and everybody wants to david bell. Okay what about the spence. Natty guys amir garrett looks terrible we. What's his record one nine his. Era is seventy two. These guys aren't terrible. What why can't he fix. These good pitchers. I'm not expecting him to make him. Re sal romano fulmer any of those policy to make it a piece of gold. It's still altered but with at least amir garrett in other. What is the deal here marriage. I'm garrett was ninety four right down. The middle didn't drill yesterday. I know a lot of the spin. Sonetti guys they were brought here to be tasked with pitcher development minor league. Guys i would i would. I would instruct him and his staff along with derek johnson that there is no bigger priority right now than getting louise castio amir garib back on track number one for the short term for this season number two extensively those guys are the plan is for for those dudes this club moving forward. It's it's not like the idea is to cut loose amir garrett lewis casteel at the end of the season those to me would have been guys that this offseason. You would've wanted to invest in right now. We could say thank god. They didn't and then number three is if you don't want to move those guys and you want to try to trade him with any gotta get them back contract as good of a pitching coach. Derek johnson is i don't care what he does l. peres i don't care what he does with carson fulmer or any of these other dudes i absolutely do care what he does with a garrett and louise castio and i would extend that conversation to all the other guys who are in charge of pitching development organization. If you've we can't thirteen intern every single day. Tj anton with alex blandino coming in relief. Closed down in the ninth. Fifteen two games page. But i have one more thing. I have a question about the falcons here. So if they don't unload some real. Well i mean what happened. With all these picks it they. They don't have money for here..

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