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Little house on the prairie Jason and Alexis in the morning. I'm Jason lex and moss. Favorite kid? Don mclean. Her favorite kid would site. Don maclay. Carey. Like kerry. So last week dawn introduced us to something that became an absolute sensation you all loved it little house on the prairie trivia, right? And it is inspired us in many ways. We're usually on Fridays. We're going to do all this TV trivia this is today. But. And we're trying to convince Alexis to watch little house on the prairie on occasion commentary because the first time we played little house. Don mclean's little house on the prairie trivia, we realized. There is no better show on television that Alexis should be watching than little house in the prairie. TV show or read the books. From you guys. So. Rate or what's on Amazon. Prime prime. Okay. So. Yeah. Beginning this blind. That's right. Beginning or where should we beginning? Yeah. Okay. The middle. Okay. Here we go. Your first question today in little house in the period. Trivia, this is the life of the Ingalls family version,.

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