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Or evening showers or storms are possible right now seventy six at the DFW airport the news is brought to you by the good contractors list well as businesses continue to reopen Dallas mayor Eric Johnson told residents today to continue wearing masks in public and to social distance we are identifying hundreds of new cases every single day in this region people are still dying I said this frequently before Dallas went into its stay at home orders and I can't say this enough now bars are among the businesses that can open starting this Friday well restaurants can increase their occupancy to fifty percent leniency on bill payments could soon be running out within Texas certifications and debt collections were put on hold amid the corona virus pandemic but can resume this week in Texas attorney Jeff Henley says enforcement will very like other things during a pandemic you can go to one grocery store and they require that you wear a mask and another grocery store they don't really care he says with businesses slowly re opening more landlords in courts will start cracking down because many people will be back to work can we suggest being open about your struggles with landlords or debt collectors click the level WBAP news second I. Conti tonight we do have a chance of rain later on during the morning hours are low should be around sixty eight degrees right now it is seventy six at the DFW airport from the day of trouble from the WBAP news desk I'm making brags your next update at nine o'clock twenty four seven coverage at W. B. A. P. dot com America open for business I just want to make something clear very important vaccine or no vaccine we're back and we're starting the process what you'll need to know through.

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