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For the third time and suddenly was overcome with the motion, which I find interesting, you know. That's good. I'm trying to make films that stand up to repeating things that reveal themselves over time, especially the the experience of of watching Mandy such a hypnotic film, everything from from the way, the visuals and the and the sound mix and Johan Johannson school comes comes together. I think especially it was my first time seeing it last night. And is overwhelming experience on so many levels. What film stand out the the are an experience to watch the half that overwhelming kind of sensibility to them which films made an impact on you in in that way. I feel the film that really hits me in that similar way is is the shining. Every time. I see it feels like a completely. Bolan rattling emotional experience for me. You know, I actually had a went and saw that movie once repertory theatre had a very very bad sound system. There was no base, but extremely piercing high notes trouble. And I think it triggered announced flashback ME. And I start seeing myself as Danny? And and and and show, Yvonne, Jack Nicholson's my as my parents. And it was it was exhausting intense emotional experience. And the film is just so visually driven. Making black ramble might goal was to make. Translate a transformative moment sort of audio visual experience almost like a musical in a way and satisfied enough with. The result of that. I wanted to go further with it on mansion and really a rock, bro. I mean, I think it's like the most metal thing. Mandy, three three, and you talk about about acid flashbacks, and there is kind of LSD in the film this theme and an apart- point. And also, I mean, the visual style of is is very tricky and intents and everything's based in strange colors, how go about taking those kind of conceptual ideas, I'm making them on the screen drugs in these films like their comments like mythical catalysts that plant transplant transit transport. Your characters kind of mythical kind of states of mind and mythical realms. Yeah. I mean, I did I did in high school. I smoked lots of weeded mushrooms and ashes and stuff like that. But eventually after friend of mine passed away. Startup those trips dark, and I became aware of a gaping hole in my heart. And that's all that I would feel when I when I would do drugs and so. What was initially positive? Late knee experience very dark and some kind of like suspicious of idea of. People using those substances for prolonged periods of time to cheat some kind of enlightenment, I think. Turn. Gonna start eating with somebody. You know, if they depend on too much with those experiences. Yeah. Kind of turning dog for. Yeah. Do you Channel Nine's, Phil? Now is film. You'll jerk these days. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. You know, it always was, you know, I think you know during that period. We're trying to, you know, Blitzer eight myself that kind of lost. Track of that. But it's been kind of nice to just kind of. Really? This this film is it is maximum cage. Anybody, but who you think could have pulled this off? Did you always have him in mind? How would the film of function differently? Yeah. I don't know. It's weird to think, you know, like if you paint a painting one day after you, actually if you see a painting. On the wall painted a day later with all the colors different, you know, strange thought, and these things are so there's so many dispirit factors that going to make a movie that it's like, you know, if you make a week, so many things could end up being different potentially, you know, as far as cast and stuff like that. But originally, I I wanted him to play the villain, Jeremiah sand and. I'd gotten feedback that this was a possibility. So I wrote rewrote Oliver dialogue for him at him with him in mind. And then I went and met with them. And he said, I don't wanna play Jeremiah. I wanna play red Miller so late blindsided by that. But. In a way, if you hadn't thought of him for the character, or you just didn't think Nick cage, you'll be the lead in inland movie. Yeah. You know, I hadn't thought of him for the character. And I just I just. I just. Sort of fixated on the idea of playing, Jeremiah. And I'm kind of you know. Kinda fall in love with that idea. So when he said..

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