Brian Source, Katie, Chairman discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


The chaos of all morning show with brian source within katie agreed on talk radio far 60 ksfo so it's the huge story this morning former chairman of donald trump's presidential campaign has surrendered to authorities this is the russia trump collusion investigation they don't have him on any he russia trump collusion with the election and meddling with our elections they've got him on tax fraud they've got him on tax fraud so that's the big story this morning here on ksfo another story we just touched on briefly in the last hour but let's pay off on it now these are two out of town looters ripping off said orosa fire victims arrested failures going on this is crazy lowest of the low throw the book if these people so and and these are what these away outsider toners i mean they came from monterey yeah they trading or they were this oh man big time big dutch taking advantage thirty one year old monterey resident jonathan co connor and 22 euro christina march she's for marinir down near monterey they were arrested by that was a highspeed police chase and oh you want to get the book thrown at you right okay the looting is one thing now you're endangering everybody with a high speed chase ugo byebye you are going by by so these two their their plans were foiled after alerts citizen spotted them entering the overlook apartments some of you know exactly where that is so bicentary away this about six o'clock in the evening on saturday so that was a neighborhood devastated by the tubs fire so the witnesses watch this suspicious pair oh carrying a flat screen tv at of.

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