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I mean, that's history. You didn't ask to? If you look back for history of bite rising always been pies money, and it was before it used to be really a sport for the for the poor people in Europe to be honest is now it's become over middle class spot. But before it really was more for the poor people away to gal of poverty in Europe. And. So in every is was money to be won. And it was. Yeah. People one rice is all they might have sort of not sold it, but help somebody else for the rising to pocket money in the back pocket. But and that just went on that was must part of the sport part of the interest in the sport. Because also in Belgium, bookmakers not so many now, but still yours Flanders think. But a lot of the way I look at citing if the only way you can compare with the Anglo Saxon world England, all and maybe Charlie are not. So sure about is. It's the same like horse racing in England wash rising everyday and betting on horse rising every day and it's day in day out. And basically, that's that's Flanders raise more or less every day, and our history people on it, and you have to look a little bit that chair. Yeah. A week from story. I went into grand and folk message. So yes, the lesson quickly. Learn. But no, I think moving back onto him and what he does now with his with his partner. Jocelyn your help kids. These days and arrived is wants common bay professionally wanna come late the by riders dream. But we both know that's not as easy as always looks on paper. These days is guys going through a cycle. And then they go into the process going team sky when the when the good and arrived is trying to make on their own and after own back, but a lot of say eighty five percent fail in fifty percent. So yeah, Tim said, yeah. Not even even less. Do you know is within that first month of living with your what it takes or not takes normally in a month? You can save somebody's really not because especially in March and April they arrive. Most of them have been running around spine training camps and stuff, and then come to Belgium and complete reality anybody's watch, the Belgium classics most will of how the POWs rise, but the amateur icy is exactly the same. If not even more crazy. So. In every single category. Bows, you've got the curve of the Toffler knows Ohio bake. But for the amateurs when you of just derive from the UK, and you're into vice-like that it's it's a complete shock, and you'll know pretty quickly, for example after left McClay as on the twat stove London. They headed mature I said on the twenty three I think it was two hundred ninety starters. Benefit two weeks. Pop and you want it. So they ultimately know that is is not going to be a donkey with that. You know, when I was chairing me, you eight modern shot. Tim's very old don't train. Nah. I shouldn't say this you gonna stick. But Tim, Tim John Chambers an element when he's on his own, but only because it's old school. And that's what he's always known you do treatment element every now, and again, no Trump now fees where can I go on the tour, which he does the element..

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