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Five games. He saw that. I thought I saw that. Should we buy cap a clearance to Parker jersey? I think I'll throw any of you guys. How much are though? That's awesome. Who's up Waddell Europe? Listen, I thought the af is I thought it was a very successful start. I think the television ratings were good, right? They did for the Saturday night. The one bad thing is is. And I think we've talked about this in the past is having a an af franchise in a city that also has an NFL franchise isn't going to go well for attendance, and they showed what field was it maller. You are a F shots. Whatever that was there looked like there was friends and family in the building. And listen, I don't think it should detract from what they're trying to accomplish. But I don't think that that is a really wise decision going forward having one of these teams in an NFL city as well. Because your attendance isn't going to be great. It was bad. It was a bad. Look, my bad was Magic Johnson's press conference. And there were multiple bads from it. Where was he doing the actual press conference in Philly with was he with the Lakers? But anyway, he was asked the question where the pelicans negotiating in good faith, and his response was. No, they weren't. And like, I what what do the pelicans? Oh them. Oh them to negotiate. What what's his good faith Jimmy through this around a lot with the timber wolves? The timber wolves weren't trying to trade him in good faith, when you're a player in you sign a deal to deal with a certain team in you're under contract. And this coming from a guy who likes the players have added power. I'm good with it. The players should have the power. They're the ones with the amazing ability, but he signed the contract extension with New Orleans. He created his own dad. I don't understand if you're Rich Paul AD or Magic Johnson. What the pelicans? Oh, you they owe to their franchise. It's their decision. Now, you don't get to dictate who they negotiate when they negotiate how they negotiate it's on them both sides exercising there. Lower than the other side having a problem with that side exercising said power. I mean, you'll be a free agent, and you can lead them in a year. Right. If they don't work out a deal on the opposite. But I don't know what they oh, you why you why they have to trade you now at all costs, and I tried to do exercises power fine. I understand why pelicans responded in the way, they did fine. Everybody's using their power. I'm with you. I I don't I don't know where the beef is maller. You're bad. My band. Goes to the af because after their opening weekend. Yeah. Af after their opening weekends. You couldn't find a box scored even when you're hunting down all weekend long, so bad on them for not making their box scores more widely available like I know, they don't they? There's there's scores, but there's no box. You know, why he doesn't like he's shut your mind. No, he's trying to find a way to become a fantasy expert. The rest of us. We all saw Richardson score two touchdowns of call. But how am I supposed to know that you you rushed for fifty three yards on twenty seven carries? If I don't have a box score to confirm. On them. You got to have box scores. Make sense of dollar too bad, my bad, Saturday night, guys the Celtics blowing twenty one point lead to the clippers. They only score twelve in the third quarter. Marcus Morris has to come out and say, they're the least fun team in the NBA. None of the guys like to hang out with each other. Like, it's just a bad for a team that everybody thinks might be a legit contender in the east. I if all this stuff is true. That's coming out of Boston. Kyrie is out. There is number five seed now Boston. Yeah. For five. See I said. Yeah. Some of the Celtics were talking. I saw. Yeah. I mean, some of the things he was saying I was surprised by my journey is two words Christian hackenberg..

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